6 Best Harry Potter Dressing Gowns in 2021

When it’s time to stay in and binge watch Harry Potter movies, what better way to do it than to snuggle up in a cosy Harry Potter dressing gown. They also make for fantastic Harry Potter gifts.

We’ve selected the best Harry Potter dressing gowns for kid’s and grown-ups which will give that extra bit of Hogwarts warmth and comfort when needed. 

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Best Harry Potter Dressing Gowns

Let’s get going!

Best Womens Harry Potter Dressing Gowns

Groovy Harry Potter Ravenclaw Women’s

  • Official hooded women’s bathrobe, featuring the Harry Potter house Ravenclaw crest on the front, with a blue trim and belt.
  • 100% Polyester.

Harry Potter Womens Dressing Gown

  • The bath robe comes in the classic Gryffindor burgundy.
  • Showcases a gold foil motif of all things Potter related.

Best Mens Harry Potter Dressing Gowns

Groovy Hogwarts Bathrobe

  • 100% polyester cosy bath robe with Hogwarts crest on the front.
  • It also has red and yellow scarf detailing, so you can show off your Gryffindor pride.
  • Lastly it has oversized sleeves for extra comfort.

Groovy Harry Potter Quidditch Men’s Bathrobe

  • 100% Polyester with woven Hogwarts badge on front left chest.
  • Satin fabric with embroidery on back and left sleeve.
  • Striped ribbon detail on sleeves and hood.

Best Kids Harry Potter Dressing Gowns

Harry Potter Boys Hogwarts Dressing Gown

  • Made of soft, fuzzy fabric, this burgundy dressing gown is reminiscent of Harry’s iconic Quidditch cloak.
  • Showcases the Gryffindor badge as well as the number ’07’ and ‘Potter’ embroidered on the back.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Kid’s Bathrobe

  • Featuring the instantly recognisable school emblem with the four houses: Hogwarts, Slytherin, Hufflepuff and Gryffindor.
  • Dressing gown also has red and yellow scarf detailing, so you can show off your Gryffindor pride.

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