8 Best White Noise Machines In 2022

For this post, I have put together a collection of the best white noise machines for babies currently available. For all my recommended baby product guides, with top picks, see my list of newborn essentials.

Our Top Pick

My top pick is the Marpac Hushh Noise Cancelling Machine as it offers three soothing sounds to help settle baby. It also comes with a clip so you can clip it to whatever you like. Plus it has an integrated soothing night light. Fantastic customer reviews.

Best White Noise Machines for Babies
Best White Noise Machines for Babies

Getting a baby to sleep quickly and easily can sometimes be tricky. A white noise machine (also known as a baby sleep aid) can help, as it works to eliminate ambient noise allowing baby to feel soothed, relaxed and able to sleep.

We’ve put together our top 8 picks of the best white noise machines for babies on the market, which all have excellent customer reviews with a majority of 5/5 star ratings.

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So here is my list of the the best white noise machines for babies.

Tommee Tippee Ollie the Owl Light and Sound Sleep Aid

  • This sleep aid plays four soothing sounds including heartbeat, rainfall, white noise static and beautiful Brahms lullaby.
  • CrySensor technology means that Ollie automatically activates when baby cries, so that he can soothe little ones back to sleep in an instant, without parents having to get up.
  • The sounds play for 20 minutes and then Ollie switches to standby mode for three hours.
  • It offers a gentle glowing light that can act as a soft light to check on baby or offer comfort if little ones wake in the night.
  • Made from soft tactile plush velvet for babies to touch.
  • It has a secure velcro fastening which allows Ollie to be attached directly onto a cot or moses basket.
  • Available as Ollie The Owl (battery or rechargeable) / Bennie The Bear/ Pip The Panda.
  • Parents love this sleep aid – 78% of 4,688 buyers gave it 5 stars.

Sweet Dreamers, Ewan the Dream Sheep, White Noise Machine

  • Cute and cuddly Ewan the Dream Sheep plays soothing white and pink noise sounds including Rainfall, Harp Melody and Vacuum Cleaner all combined with Mum’s resting heartbeat, to provide an effective tool for settling restless babies.
  • Its sounds are volume adjustable, helping you tailor specifically to your child’s needs and sleeping.
  • It features a soft pink night light glow which mimics the uterus to help comfort and soothe your little one into a peaceful sleep.
  • The night light and his sounds have a 20-minute timer with automatic shut off.
  • Hook and loop tail is deal for soothing on-the-go!
  • Battery operated.
  • Parents love this sleep aid – 78% of 4,188 buyers gave it 5 stars..

Dreamegg White Noise Machine

  • Choose from 11 soothing sounds and 32 volume levels to create the ideal sleep environment for baby or adults.
  • There are sounds which babies will enjoy such as lullaby, music box, shushing sound, vacuum cleaner and fetal tone, while adults can choose the sound of a fan, ocean, crickets or more.
  • Adjustable night light enables you to choose the most suitable light intensity for you and your baby. Making midnight feeding easier.
  • Internal rechargeable battery makes it a perfect travel white noise machine.
  • Set the desired sound, volume and night light with the child lock, so that baby can’t mess with the volume while he/she is playing with it.
  • Parents absolutely love this sleep aid – 92% of 157 buyers gave it 5 stars..

SnuzCloud Sleep Aid

Discount - Save £7.00
SnuzCloud Sleep Aid
1,431 Reviews
  • Soft and cosy cloud sleep aid that helps comfort and settle your baby when you need it most.
  • Lightweight so you can easily attach to a crib, cot, pram or car seat with velcro strap.
  • With 4 soothing sounds including; pink noise, lullaby, waterfall and a real heartbeat to mimic that of pregnant mum’s womb.
  • Two light options; a calming pink glow and soft white light that doubles as a night light as they get older.
  • Two volumes, low and high.
  • The sounds and lights play for 20 minutes before the Cloud automatically turns off to conserve battery.
  • Parents love this sleep aid – 77% of 1,002 buyers gave it 5 stars..

Bubzi Co White Noise Machine

  • Cute owl which can calm and soothe your baby with a choice of ten classic lullabies, a heartbeat or natural bird song sounds.
  • Or press the button down for 3 seconds and play all the different songs on loop. The music turns off automatically after 30 minutes to save you from having to get up.
  • Comforting night lights are projected onto the wall. Simply press the light bulb button to turn the star projection on and off.
  • Enjoy a starry night sky constellation to help sleepy eyes fall asleep faster.
  • Use it as a soft nightlight for baby’s nursery, or simply as a plush, music player to soothe baby.
  • Choose from 5 different volume settings to adjust the sound in any environment – from newborn to toddler.
  • With handy adjustable strap, it can secure to cot or elsewhere in the nursery.
  • Parents love this sleep aid – 84% of 3,486 buyers gave it 5 stars..

Otium White Noise Machine

Discount - Save £7.90
Otium White Noise Machine
31 Reviews
  • White noise machine suitable for the whole family.
  • 26 soothing sounds including 8 white noise sound settings, 8 city noise sound settings and 10 nature sound settings (water drops, waves, wind noise, forest, fetal heartbeat, train, campfire).
  • For babies, kids, adults and insomnia patients.
  • This sound machine has an optional nightlight that emits enough brightness to feed babies at night.
  • Can be played 30Mins, 60Mins, 90 Mins according to your needs, or you can play through the night.
  • It can easily fit into a handbag or suitcase making it perfect for home, office, car and travel use.
  • It needs to plug in during use.
  • Parents love this sleep aid – 77% of 653 buyers gave it 5 stars..

Roffie Sleep Sound Machine

No products found.

  • 30 adjustable HIFI sounds at 40-75dB volume to choose from. It’s ideal to drown out the sound of noisy neighbours, snoring and traffic.
  • Includes sounds such as fan, rain, thunderstorm, forest, cricket, waves, streams, heartbeat.
  • Suitable for the whole family.
  • With three timer modes of 30, 60 mins, and loop.
  • Simple and sleek in both design and appearance, making the little machine ideal for your bedside table.
  • Parents love this sleep aid – No products found..

Marpac Hushh Noise Cancelling Machine

  • 3 sound options including bright white noise, deep white noise, or gentle surf.
  • The machine comes with a clip so it can be clipped onto something or it can be placed on a flat surface.
  • Comes with a child lock so you can set it to the volume of your choosing.
  • A soft amber light adds a soothing night light.
  • Effectively buffers outside noise disruption from noisy neighbours, barking dogs, loud siblings, and city sounds.
  • With USB cable for charging.
  • Parents love this sleep aid – 77% of 7,358 buyers gave it 5 stars..

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Why Use White Noise As A Baby Sleep Aid?

Babies seem to like white noise as they are used to it from being in the womb and hearing the constant beat of mums heartbeat and muffled sounds from outside the womb.

White noise machines create a constant sound that can help to soothe and calm anxious babies, encouraging them to stop crying and fall asleep more quickly.

White noise machines can also help babies to stay asleep longer by drowning out other potential noise disturbances such as older siblings or city traffic.

They generally provide a source of comfort and can encourage your sleepy baby to drift off or sink back into a deep sleep.

I hope this list of the best white noise machines for babies was helpful.

If you think I left any out that should be included or have a suggestion for a future article, let me know in the comments below.


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