Best Alpaca Walking & Experiences

Looking to get up close and enjoy some Alpaca Walking? We’ve collected the best Alpaca Experiences across the UK.

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Alpaca Experiences Near Me

Alpacas are absolutely adorable animals and spending time with them is something you won't forget. As well as being seriously cute, they have a lovely kind and soft nature. Adding to their appeal are their good looks and their wool, which is some of the softest you'll find across the animal kingdom.

Getting a kiss from an Alpaca

If you're looking for a fun day out then we highly recommend bonding with one these wonderful creatures with a walking experience. You'll be their new best friend as you feed it and give them lots of cuddles and strokes. Many of these alpaca days out also include an afternoon tea option. Don't forget to take lots of photos so you'll have a lifelong reminder with the much loved alpacas.

Alpaca Cuddles