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Do you know someone that loves a perfectly mixed gin and tonic? Or maybe they want to learn more about this quintessential tipple.

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The History of Gin

Gin first started surfacing in the middle ages and was used extensively in 16th Century Holland. It's where the phrase 'Dutch Courage' came into being to indicate the courage the alcohol gave soldiers as they headed into battle.

The word 'Gin' is derived from the 'Jenever' first sold as a herbal medicine in Holland. It made the short journey to Britain and became a hit here in the 17th Century.

The drink became very popular amongst the poor leading to the Gin Act of 1736.

By the middle of the 19th Century, London became the epicentre for the gin making industry.

During the 19th Century, British officers in India discovered the health benefits of quinine found in tonic water. Mosquitoes were repelled by this chemical and it saved many lives. Thanks Gin!

Fast forward to today and London and many UK cities has seen a surge in Gin popularity which has also led to a huge increase in delicious gin tasting experiences.

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