Major Airline Launches Child-free Zones On Flights

Budget airline IndiGo is banning under 12s from eight rows of seats and are feeling the heat from angry parents.

The fear is the move will encourage other airlines to follow suit.

The airline in question, Indian carrier IndieGo, is banning under 12s from eight rows of seats. These include rows one to four and 11 to 14.

Kids will also be bar­­­red from rows containing emergency exits as well as those with extra legroom.

The feeling amongst our members was evenly split.

I don’t feel discriminated against at all. I actually think it saves me the bother of having to endure passive agressive glares and comments from other passengers, if my children are in ‘that’ mood!

My children are not disruptive on flights and have never been disruptive. Why should I have to be packed into an area with everyone else’s children, who may cause disruption. Just because I’m a parent it doesn’t mean I have more tolerance to other people’s children !!!!

Why would I feel discriminated against if people don’t want to hear my noisy kids? If I wasn’t flying with my child, I’d certainly love the opportunity of a child free zone ??

As long as they don’t mind looking after my kids whilst I’m up in the adults only area

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