Police Called To Terrible Kids Festival Where Attractions Were Made From Crisp Boxes!

At the weekend, thousands of families were invited to ‘Kidz Fest 2016’, a “a unique weekend full of fun” at Orsett Showground, Essex. Tickets were £16 each.


But that was just £16 to get in! To go on many rides, families were asked to pay £3-4 extra EACH. Here’s the kind of activity on offer:


Attractions included ‘Bouncy Town’ which you entered using a special wristband that cost £5 extra. But as one parent said: “Basically paid £50 plus to go on bouncy castles and to walk around a field. Don’t understand what we actually got for the entrance price.”


Photo: Annie Vasconcelos/Facebook

One of the most disappointing attractions was this ‘explorer castle’ made from unpainted crisp boxes

crisp box kids festival

The event also featured an angry ice cream lady who was accused of stealing money and selling over-priced 99s


ice cream1

ice cream 2

The organisers of the event were ‘Winter Fest’. They previously organised a Frozen-themed event that proved controversial.


It enticed kids to ‘build a snowman in a snow pit’. But the snow pit turned out to be an inflatable paddling pool. With some foam in.


At Kidz Fest 2016, angry mums tracked down the organiser


It got pretty heated

parents kids festival

And in the end, the police were called to “prevent a breach of the peace”

police kids festival

The happy ending was people that booked discounted tickets through places like Groupon got a no quibble refund


Moral of the story: beware events that invite you to use your imagination ?