First School To Scrap Term Time Lets Parents Take Children Out Whenever They Want

Headmistress Jane Smalley started Shrewsbury Prepatoria so that parents didn’t have to worry about looking after their children during the summer holidays.

The school is open throughout the year and allows parents to take their kids out of school for a period of six weeks, whenever they want.

The independent school costs £6,450 a year to attend and only has 11 pupils so managing the curriculum would be much easier compared to a school with over 1,000 pupils.

One Mum, Sarah Golden says:

The long summer holidays aren’t good for anyone. Chase is so much happier [at school], with his friends.

Former reception teacher Jane Smalley quit her job to help working parents manage their family life.

She believes that without the summer break,children are able to learn at a slower pace.

The Department for Education says independent schools do not need specific term times as long as pupils attend 190 days of classes each year.

Ms Smalley estimates that the average time taken off by children is four week. The school was rated Outstanding by Ofsted.

Interesting counter throughts from psychologist Emma Kenny:

School is exhausting for children. Our education system teaches children to value themselves based on a tiny number of academic variables, and even schools that focus on child-led activities like this one deny children long stretches of freedom.

Plus, the time a child spends around their loving parents provides happiness and emotional cogency that no school can replicate.