Autism Quiet Hour Trial At Tesco

Tesco have teamed up with Jo-Ann D’Costa Manuel the director of Autism Parent Empower to trial an ‘Autism Quiet Hour’ to help anyone with children with autism or additional needs.

This will initially be trialled on Saturdays at the Tesco store in Crawley – hopefully more stores will follow suit.

Here’s some of the changes that will take place in store:

• All staff undergone initial autism training and briefing
• Doors at entrance will be left open
• Quiet Hour signs placed around the store
• Instore music turned off
• Escalators at the back of the store turned off
• No staff packing shelves
• Display TV’s turned off
• Tannoy’s turned off
• Lights Dimmed
• Allocated quiet zones
• Visual maps and social stories available at Customer Services
• Visuals on each aisle
• Allocated till for payment
• Staff members to help pack to speed up process at till point
• Hand dryers in toilets turned off
• Public awareness.

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