3 in 1 Changing Bag, Carry Cot and Changing Station – £45.99

Ever been caught out when visiting somewhere without a dedicated baby changing area… well you wouldn’t need to worry with this nifty 3 in 1 changing bag!

It sometimes feels like you’re taking everything but the kitchen sink out with you, even for a ‘simple’ trip to the shops – I’m sure I pack as much for a day out now as I used to for a week in Spain!

That’s why I’m loving this fab new product from JustCreat. It is a 3 in 1 baby changing bag, carry cot and changing station. It might sound strange, but bear with me and you will see how much you need this item!


Not only is this a fab changing bag, great for storing all your baby essentials in. It has 5 zipped compartments and one insulated bottle holder included too.

When it is unfolded this changing bag has a waterproof, wipe clean mattress to help turn this into a baby’s carry cot. It also has a machine washable top sheet to place over the top of it to make sure baby is comfy when sleeping. This would save you having to cart around a moses basket when visiting friends/family or on short breaks… one less thing to pack!

It is made from a sturdy construction, so you don’t need to worry that it will collapse and that baby will always be comfortable.

If you need to change baby in a hurry or your little one hates the sound of hand dryers in public toilets or changing rooms, then you will love this next feature. The end panels of the changing bag can be unzipped to reveal a changing station! A safe way to change baby’s nappy when you’re out and about.

This is such a great idea, if you are expecting or know someone who is then make sure you take a look.

This is the cheapest price we have found it in the UK, it can be yours for £45.99 including free delivery.




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