Dome Tent 4 In 1 £92.99 – One Person Tent, Air Mattress, Sleeping Bag & Cot

Keep dry with this 4 in 1 tent.

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Product features:

•Integrated unique 4-in-1 product.
•Easy to set up & take down.
•Compact and easy to use.
•Top portion can be used as a tent and bottom portion as a standard sleeping cot.
•Additional storage bag for tent and flex rods.
•Protective qualities: Flame retardant, wind resistant, water resistant. Package includes:
•1 x 1 person cot
•1 x 1 person tent
•1 x 1 person sleeping bag
•1 x 1 person inflatable air mattress
•1 x 1 person pillow
•1 x foot pump
•1 x portable storage bag

Decent reviews on Amazon

I ordered this for someone I know who is poorly and spending a lot of time in bed at the moment. I thought it might tempt them to get out in the garden where it is so lovely at this time of year, but sometimes too windy, too sunny or too cold to be exposed in a normal recliner.

I was impressed by the way it is designed and it was very easy to put together. Haven’t used the sleeping bag, but the rest has been in the garden and has proved to be a great hit. I was worried about how waterproof it was when we had the very heavy rain and high winds recently, so expected that it might be wet inside, but it was as dry as a bone. I was also amazed that with the use of a very simple and basic string attachment from the top of the ‘tent’ to a tree, it coped with the high winds without any problems. Would be a perfect thing to create some privacy for sleeping inside a large, open plan tent/teepee, and seems perfectly serviceable outside as well.

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