10 Best Baby Sensory Toys In 2022

For this page, I have put together a collection of the best baby sensory toys currently available. For more top picks and best buys see my newborn essentials checklist.

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Best Baby Sensory Toys
Best Baby Sensory Toys

Sensory play can stimulate the five senses; sight, smell, touch, taste and hearing.

Sensory toys can teach babies about the world around them as they learn to develop their senses.

We’ve picked the best baby sensory toys available, all of which have excellent 5/5 star ratings and customer reviews.

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Touch My Nose Sensory Mr Tumble Soft Toy

  • Not just a cuddly toy, this soft Mr Tumble character stimulates your baby’s senses.
  • Press Mr Tumble’s nose and baby can watch and listen as it lights up.
  • Lights also appear on Mr Tumble’s waistcoat and begin to change colour.
  • He also makes sounds and says catchphrases from the BBC TV show.
  • Suitable from birth.
  • Excellent reviews. From 490 ratings 82% of buyers gave this 5/5 stars.

Wendergo Tummy Time Water Mat

  • You can fill this ‘under the sea’ themed mat with water and let your baby lie on their front on it for tummy time.
  • It encourages baby to lift his own head and strengthen neck.
  • Aids development of baby’s abdominal muscles and postural strength.
  • Helps to increases baby’s sense of independence and confidence.
  • Suitable from 3-9 months old.
  • Good reviews. From 4,053 ratings 69% of buyers gave this 5/5 stars.

A to Z My First Baby Ball Set

  • A set of six brightly coloured balls which have interesting textures to them.
  • They encourage sensory exploration and promote tactile development with the different sizes and shapes.
  • Suitable from birth.
  • Very good reviews. From 3,724 ratings 76% of buyers gave this 5/5 stars.

Vtech Baby Little Friendlies Moosical Beads

  • A huggable soft cow with easy to grab plastic ring which is suitable for tiny hands.
  • With two light-up buttons and a spinning block that introduces A-B-C and 1-2-3, shapes and colours.
  • It speaks fun phrases and plays three sing-along songs and twelve melodies.
  • Baby can develop motor skills by pressing the buttons and sliding the beads.
  • Suitable from 3 – 18 months.
  • Great reviews. From 1,579 ratings 84% of buyers gave this 5/5 stars.

TOMY Toomies Hide and Squeak Eggs

  • A fun developmental toy for baby.
  • Crack the eggs open to reveal brightly coloured press-and-cheep chicks.
  • It’s also a shape-sorting game matching egg bases to the right shaped hole in the box.
  • It will help to develop your baby’s early skills.
  • Suitable from 12 months.
  • Fab reviews. From 19,103 ratings 83% of buyers gave this 5/5 stars.

B. toys Rain-Glow Squeeze Light-Up Cloud Rattle

  • This cute cloud toy doubles up as a rattle and teether.
  • This squeezable cloud lights up and baby can chew on the colourful beads on the teething ring.
  • The colours, lights, and sounds of the squishy rattle will engage your baby’s senses of touch, sight, and hearing.
  • It will also help them develop their fine motor skills, and improve their hand-eye coordination.
  • Suitable from ‎3 months.
  • Very good reviews. From 88 ratings 77% of buyers gave this 5/5 stars.

Baby Einstein Glow & Discover Light Bar Activity Station

  • This activity station can be played with during tummy time or sitting play.
  • The colours, animals, lights and melodies will keep your child entertained.
  • The toy bar lights up when baby touches the colourful sections or spins the rattle drum.
  • Choose from English, Spanish or French!
  • Suitable for babies 3 months +.
  • Brilliant reviews. From 10,588 ratings 82% of buyers gave this 5/5 stars.

Vtech Baby Walker

Discount - Save £15.00
  • This walker supports baby’s first steps.
  • Introduces numbers, shapes, animals and colours through fun activities and music.
  • The activity station can be detached and used as a stand-alone toy.
  • There is no wheel lock so best for babies who are already stable on their feet.
  • Best for ages 6 to 30 months.
  • Excellent reviews. From 3,980 ratings 85% of buyers gave this 5/5 stars.
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Amycute Crinkle Baby Cloth Books

  • This cloth book will help stimulate important key skills for your baby such as language and reading, communication, imagination and sensory skills.
  • Your child can practice turning the page and develop their fine motor skills.
  • The special cloth design is durable, washable and not easily torn.
  • The crinkle paper will make your baby want to feel and squash the pages.
  • The handy clip means you can attach it to a buggy or carseat.
  • Suitable from birth.
  • Very good reviews. From 824 ratings 85% of buyers gave this 5/5 stars.

The Wooden Toy Factory Butterfly Touch & Match Board

  • This touch and match board comes with ten removable colourful counters with different tactile experiences on each.
  • Your child can develop their sensory skills in a fun way.
  • Made of premium wood it is painted with non-toxic water-based paint.
  • Suitable from 12 months.
  • Brilliant reviews. From 245 ratings 85% of buyers gave this 5/5 stars.
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What Is The Importance Of Sensory Play?


During tactile sensory play, babies will develop their fine and gross motor skills by squeezing, pulling, pushing and throwing. This will enhance their physical ability.


Light up toys can help to calm an anxious or restless baby. Soothe them with visual stimulation. Babies will enjoy looking at bright colours and black and white contrast as this contributes to brain growth and faster development.


Electronic toys that make noises or light up are very effective at getting babies attention. Noisy hand-held toys such as rattles can improve hand eye coordination by stimulating their senses.


Providing your baby with a comforting smell such as a t-shirt you have worn or a blanket on which they can smell your scent, will help them to feel relaxed and comforted. Being in familiar smelling surroundings such as their cot or playpen can also help calm a baby.


By 3 months of age your baby will probably be putting things in his mouth, so teething toys or blanket will show that baby is using his tongue to try and make sense of different textures and tastes. They can also find comfort in chewing on teething toys if they are teething.

FAQ’s Baby Sensory Toys

Do newborns need sensory toys?

During your baby’s first couple of months they will not need any toys but from two to three months there are toys which are suitable for babies and will let them make their first explorations through sound, touch and sight.

Is sensory play really that important?

Yes, as it encourages learning as well as inspiring imagination and creativity. Exploration of new textures and materials help babies to make sense of the world around them.

What are the best sensory toys for babies?

Toys that enhance your baby’s physical, cognitive and social development. Toys which are tactile, make sounds and light up and which are safe for babies are all excellent tools for development.

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