15 Best Minecraft Toys

Best Minecraft Toys
Best Minecraft Toys For Kids 2020

Your child is Minecraft mad and you need to find a toy.

To help you in your quest we’ve sorted through 100s of products and made this list of 15 of the best Minecraft toys.

And if LEGO is their thing, check out our guide dedicated to the best LEGO Minecraft.

Let’s get started with the toys!

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Top 15 Best Minecraft Toys 2020

Minecraft Figure set Over World Saddle Pack
6,558 Reviews
Minecraft Figure set Over World Saddle Pack
This set includes a movable Steve, two articulated animals (horse and pig), and hay bale with grass block to keep the animals fed. Then head off across the Minecraft kingdom looking for treasure and other key artifacts.
Minecraft Enderman Large Figure
Enderman fans will love this plus. He's big (8.5 inches), well made and light (only 11 ounces). Lots of positive feedback from parents saying he's durable. He's all arms and legs so great for imaginative role play.
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Minecraft Dungeons Deluxe Foam Roleplay Sword
This sword is big - larger than you might expect and measures around 21 inches tall and 10.5 inches wide. It's constructed from a firm type of foam. It also has some awesome sound effects. This even includes a battle mode. Upon pressing the button you start to hear noises from the Minecraft nasties so you need to swing the sword a number of times to defeat them.
Minecraft Steve with Horse
You can't go wrong with buying one of the most popular character sets - Steve alongside his trusty white horse. You can recreate their favourite scenes and there's a few additional accessories including a hay block and apple. Steve's limbs are fully movable and he can grip the sword. All the parts are pretty strong and well put together.
Minecraft Steve Plush Stuffed Toy
Well constructed plush of the ever popular Steve. It's a great size at 12 inches tall and comes complete with pick axe.
LEGO Minecraft The Crafting Box
The possibilities are endless with this set. It's straight from the video game manual in that it's designed so kids can create any LEGO set they wish. Lighthouse? Yep. Mine? Of course. Castle? No problem. And the list goes on, as long as their imagination. There's certainly enough blocks. Children will be delighted with the included characters: Alex, Steve, a Creeper, pig and a Zombie.
Minecraft Diamond Steve Action Figure Pack
These Minecraft action figures are well made and play nicely because all their limbs are movable and positionable in such a way that they can recreate fighting, running, chasing and sitting. The diamond helmet and sword click into place easily.
Minecraft Comic Maker 2-Pack Figures
This pack contains Steve (with an interchangeable face) and a horse that comes with a saddle, armour and a hay bale. To use the comic maker, you download the app onto your phone, set up your figured and then take pictures. The app then turns your snaps into a comic book - how good is that?!
LEGO Minecraft Creeper BigFig and Ocelot Characters
This set contains two extra large characters to build, and the kids love it. The two stars here are BigFig Creeper and an Ocelot. After the build the fun only begins - there's loads of articulation to bring the battle between to life. It's a fun affordable option.
Minecraft Happy Explorer Untamed Wolf Plush Stuffed Toy
Made from soft Velboa polyester vibes this untamed wolf toy is lovely to cuddle up with. It's on the small side at 5 1/2 inches tall.
Minecraft All-Stars Mini Figure Six-Pack
680 Reviews
Minecraft All-Stars Mini Figure Six-Pack
This pack contains six mini-figures that include a Creeper, Steve, a shulker box, Alex holding a cake, a Blaze and finally, a burning skeleton. They come in a cute box and the kids will love playing with them, and when they're done, make for a very nice display on a shelf.
Minecraft Creeper 7” Plush
This creeper is a keeper and the soft material and bright colour will be sure to capture your little one's attention.
Minecraft Diamond Foam Pickaxe
This 3D sword is made of strong and sturdy EVA foam so it can be taken into battle countless times. This is the legendary sword that Steve carries with him as he journeys into the mine.
Minecraft Wall Torch
This is a fantastic light which will delight any Minecraft fan. Not a toy as such it can be hung on a wall or put on the desk to provide a night light. Added bonus - it protects Minecraft hostiles from getting into the home.
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LEGO Minecraft The End Battle
This is a smaller set with a price tag to match. But you will receive one of the most important characters in Minecraft - The Ender Dragon. This is the end of level big baddie that all Minecraft players have a lot of love for. As well as constructing the dragon itself there are End Pillars and an Ender Man monster. There's an end crystal with pop-up functionality.

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