14 Best Peppa Pig Toys

Best Peppa Pig Toys
Best Peppa Pig Toys

Peppa Pig has been going since 2004 and it seems it’s as popular as ever.

Along with that comes an endless stream of toys. We’ve done the hard yards to find the best Peppa Pig toys around.

You’ll find all sorts from playsets, bath toys, figurines, outdoor toys and a whole lot more I’m sure you’ll find something that your child will love

Let’s get going!

Top 14 Best Peppa Pig Toys 2020

Peppa Pig Lights & Sounds Family Home Feature Playset
This is one of the larger Peppa playsets available. There is 6 rooms including a living room with TV, kitchen with appliances with table and chairs, Peppa and George's bedroom decked out with bunk beds, Mummy Pig's office, an attic area with mirror and chair and finally the bathroom with a bath tub. All in all there's plenty of mileage with all these rooms and accessories.
Peppa Pig Princess Castle
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Peppa Pig Princess Castle
Peppa's castle spans two fours and you get a whole range of furniture, including a bed, throne, chairs, dining table, full size mirror, throne and even a chest full of treasure. Along with Princess Peppa there is Princess Suzy. When playtime is up it all folds nicely away whether it's take to a friends or to store away. Looks really smart when it's closed up.
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Peppa Pig Family Figures Pack
It's all about family life with Peppa and this set has the whole family unit including Peppa, brother George and their parents. The figures are quite small so they're handy for taking to friends or on any family outings.
Peppa Pig Campervan Vehicle
Great value set with an articulated Peppa Pig fiture included along with a picnic table and benches.
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Peppa Pig Big Red Car
Time for a road trip! This set includes driver Mummy and Peppa hangs out with George in the back. The car takes AA batteries which power an array of sounds - featuring car sounds, pig noises and theme tune. If you are looking for extra passengers make sure they are of a compatible size.
Peppa Pig Home & Garden Playset
This one stands tall at 15ish inches but is still fairly compact and also folds away easily - bonus points! The fold out cleverly reveals the back garden where Peppa and friends lark about on a seesaw. There's a good few accessories for the rooms - bathroom, attic, bedroom, kitchen and living room.
Peppa Pig Air Peppa Jet
The Peppa family certainly travel in style - we love this Peppa Jet flown by Miss Rabbit. You also get solo traveller Peppa along with their pink luggage. If you have any other figures at home there's plenty of room for the whole family and friends.
Peppa Pig Grandpa Pig’s Bath Time Boat
Add to the bathtime fun with this floating boat that comes with Grandpa Pig (the captain of course) and Peppa decked out in his cute yellow life jacket. Other features include a little bell at the bow and a fun pirate flag to the rear.
Peppa Pig Fire Station Combo Pack
Who doesn't love Peppa firefighters? This fire house comes with chief firefighters Peppa Pig and Mummy Pig. It opens up nicely and there's a movable platform, lookout tower and a fire engine with a stackable ladder.
Peppa Pig Shape Sorter Clock Puzzle
This really is a lovely wooden toy, great quality and full of vibrant colours. It's a neat educational toy with number ordering which is a jigsaw.
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Peppa Pig Singalong & Learn Microphone
Features a real voice amplifier with seven songs from the TV show. Combined with three different modes it's great fun - just be aware parents it could get a bit annoying!
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Peppa Pig Flip and Learn Phone
Ok so flip phones are a little old school but this brightly lit number is great for helping with number and colour recognition. There's a bunch of fun voice effects and conversation with stars from the show.
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Peppa Pig School Bus
This free-wheeling school bus includes a fixed Miss Rabbit up front. You can lift the roof off to get to the seats inside where you can add more passengers of your own.
Peppa Pig Sleepover Peppa
This is an extremely popular interactive plushie. It gets glowing reviews - perhaps because it can help with bedtime! It's got a built-in nightlight and plays a Twinkle Twinkle lullaby. There's a handy sleep bag carry case. Many children have found this a great comforter at night.

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