Copenhagen Christmas Market 2019 (Dates, Opening Hours, Hotels)

This is a guide to visiting the Copenhagen Christmas market, including dates, times and locations. If you’re looking for a place to stay, we cover the best hotels, and how to easily compare prices. We’ve also included tours and activity suggestions if you need some ideas.

When is Copenhagen Christmas Market?

  • Freetown Christiania: 8th December-20th December 2019
  • Nyhavn Harbour: 9th November-23rd December 2019
  • Kronborg Castle: 30th November-2nd December 2019/ 7th -9th December 2019
  • Kongens Nytorv: 16th November-22nd December 2019
  • Nytorv Square: 16th November-21st December 2019
  • Højbro square: 16th November-22nd December 2019
  • Visit Carlsberg: 1st-2nd December/ 8th-9th December 2019
  • Tivoli Gardens: 17th November- 31st December 2019

What are the opening times?

Various times

Where is Copenhagen Christmas Market located?

Various locations. 8 Christmas markets to choose from, including;-

  • Freetown Christiania
  • Nyhavn Harbour
  • Kronborg Castle
  • Kongens Nytorv
  • Nytorv Square
  • Højbro square
  • Visit Carlsberg
  • Tivoli Gardens

Hotels near Copenhagen Christmas Market

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