One Thing Is Definitely Clear: Pets Are Forgiving. Welcome To The Crazy World of Animal Halloween Costumes

Do you have a pet? Many consider their pets to be part of their families, so when all of you dress up for Halloween, shouldn’t they get in on the fun? Some pet owners say yes, and might take the costume ideas to the next level of amusing. One thing is definitely clear: pets are patient and forgiving.

Check them out in all their glory!

1. Airplane Pilot

airplane dog costume | Daytripfinder


He’s ready for liftoff!

2. Doggie the Pooh

Doggie the Pooh  | Daytripfinder


Someone had a bit too much honey!

3. Fluffy Geisha

fluffy geisha costume | Daytripfinder blog


She’ll steal your dog heart away.

4. Headless Horseman Doggie

headless horseman costume | Daytripfinder blog


Beware of the headless horseman who rides a great dog… cute!

5. Smokin’ Sailor

smokin' sailor | Daytripfinder blog


Sailor dog is always a classic!

6. Sleeping Sailor

Sailor Cat | Daytripfinder blog

… or sailor cat, sleeping after a long day on deck.


7. Hello Kitty, Kitty!

Hello Kitty Cat costume | Daytripfinder blog


What Hello Kitty would look like if she was a real cat.

8. Skunk Dog

skunk dog | Daytripfinder blog


If your dog allows it, he can be painted into a skunk.

9.  Cowboy Hamster/Guinea Pig Horse

Cowboy Hamster/Guinea Pig Horse  | Daytripfinder blog


For pet owners of the smaller variety, check out that saddle!

10. Joe the Plumber

Joe the plumber | Daytripfinder blog


With the flashing rear end and all.

11. Horse ‘n’ Bones

horse n bones | Daytripfinder blog


If that paint glowed in the dark, any passerby would get a fright of their life!

12. Rock ‘n’ Roll Dog

Rocker Dog | Daytripfinder blog


\m/ Punk is not Dead! \m/

13. Red Riding Cat

Red Riding Cat | Daytripfinder blog


The face of that cat is priceless.

14. Elvis the Dog Legend

Elvis Dog costume | Daytripfinder blog


These days, Elvis rocks a tail and longer ears.

15. Marilyn

Marilyn Monroe Pug | Daytripfinder blog


… while Marilyn Monroe had a little bit of work done one her appearance, and we all know that never turns out as planned.

16. Super Lizard

Super Lizard | Daytripfinder blog


A little something for the reptile lovers. Super Lizard is here to rid the world of all flies, or was it spies? 🙂

17. Meow Like An Egyptian Cat

Egyptian Cat Costume | Daytipfinder blog


This is some fancy headdress!

18. Pin Cushion Pooch

Dog pin cushion costume | Daytripfinder blog


For the DIY sewing enthusiasts, your dog can be your favourite sewing accessory.

19. Angel of White Beards

Angelic | Daytripfinder blog


Angel with a long white beard? Interesting…

20.  Count Bunnulla

Bunnicula rabbit | Daytripfiner blog


I vant to drink your kerret juice!

21. Pinocchio

pupocchio | Daytripfinder blog


We wonder if his nose will grow if he tells a lie?

22. Green Thing from Outerspace

alien spaceship | Daytripfinder blog


Check out those plotting little green clawed hands!

23. Imperial Walker

Stars Wars Dog Costume | Daytripfinder blog


Star Wars fans rejoice! The All Terrain Armored Transport walker now has barking capabilities!

24. Ewok Dog

Ewok Dog | Daytripfinder blog


Ewok dog comes in peace.

25. Indiana “Woof” Jones

Indiana Jones Dog Costume | Daytripfinder blog


*Indiana Jones theme tune here :)*

Ha there! I have new found respect for our hairy friends. Are you joining the world of animal halloween costumes this year?

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