Soneva Jani Maldives (World’s Most Luxurious Water Slide?)

These luxury villas in The Maldives have their own waterslides that take you straight into a shimmering blue lagoon.

Built on a 150-acre island you can take your pick from 24 water villas.

As expected, the price tag is huge but something to dream about right?!

 Each villa at Soneva Jani includes a 13-metre private pool on the outdoor deck, where guests can relax as they look out over the lagoon.

Soneva Jani has a focus on preserving the eco-system and so the pools use seawater with UV filtration and the villas are built over the floor of the lagoon so there is no damage to the reef.

The overwater vilas have three different glass bottomed places so you can see into the water!