Top 10 Holiday Arguments: From Passport Panics To Navigation Nightmares

As much as we all look forward to our family holiday, at some point during our treasured trip away there’s usually a holiday meltdown.

Hopefully it’s one that – once you’re chilling on the beach with a couple of mohitos – everyone can laugh about. Here are the top things that couples argue about on holiday…

1 One of you wants to leave EARLY to get to the airport.
The other wants to leave it until the LAST MINUTE


2 One of you thinks you’ve packed waaaaay too much. The other disagrees


3 You’re lost, driving in a foreign country…and it’s THEIR fault


4 “You said YOU packed the passports”. Tumbleweed. Shouting. There’s a frantic scrabble around the luggage. And then they’re found, phew

passport control argument

5 What the…? He’s staring at other women at the beach!


6 Hmm. She’s flirting with the waiter

waiter flirting

7 He thinks he’s too tough to wear suncream – and now he looks like THIS

sunburn fail

8 One of you wants to stay up all night enjoying the local ‘hospitality’ – as a result they spend ALL NEXT DAY in bed

all inclusive

9 You have different standards when it comes to choosing a suitable restaurant

bad restaurant

10 You’ve landed back home! But you can’t remember WHERE you left the car

airport parking

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