15 Disturbing Vintage Halloween Costumes To Haunt Your Dreams

These days people dress their children in adorable and clever costumes. In times gone by, or even in the 70’s, costumes for children and adults were creepy, very creepy.

The washed out colours and sepia tones definitely improved the spook factor. Maybe it’s because they are handmade. Either way, these frightening vintage Halloween costumes will give you the willies. Oh, and forget about sleep tonight.

1. Masked Children

Creepy Childrens Costume

source: Ebay


2. The Scarecrow


source: chicagogeek


3. Unexplained

creepy costume

source: Allison Marchant


4. Girl with Paper Puppet

Girly Mask

source: Allison Marchant


5. Scary Masks

Two Kids in Creepy Costumes

source: Delilah Jenkins


6. Come Play in the Woods

Come Play In the Woods

source: Richard

7. … I’ve Brought Some Friends

I've Brought Some Friends

source: Richard


8. Smiling Goblins, Skeletons & Friends

Creepy Halloween Group Photo

source: Allison Marchant


9. Seance

Triplet Seance

source: BoingBoing


10. Attack of the Giant Heads

Giant Heads

source: city rag


11. Clown Doctors

Clown Doctors

source: Pinterest


12. Zombie Dog?

Zombie Dog

source: Pinterest


13. Creepy Onesie

Creepy Baby

source: Boing Boing


14. Eyeball Men

Eyeball Men

source: tumblr


15. Masked and Creepy


source: grateful web


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