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Ryanair Will Soon Charge Passengers For Taking Small Suitcases On Its Planes!

With the increasing number of passengers choosing to adapt their packing habits to escape baggage charges on budget carrier Ryanair, overhead lockers are becoming too full and causing delays, so they are re-visiting their baggage policy.

From November, Ryanair will no longer let passengers take a small suitcase on its planes for free, with charges for a 10kg case to be introduced.

Ryanair is introducing a lower rate for smaller, checked-in baggage. Passengers will pay £8 – rather than £25 – for any case weighing less than 10kg.

The airline said most of its customers would be unaffected by the bag policy change, saying that 30% already buy priority boarding and another 30% already travel with only one small carry-on bag.


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