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Frozen-Themed Land Coming to Disney Resort, Tokyo!

Tokyo Disney Resort has announced a major expansion that includes lands based on Frozen, Tangled and Pixie Hollow. Don’t worry though, you have time to save up, as the expansion isn’t expected to open until 2022.

There will be a Frozen-themed section of the park to include a castle and will be designed to make you feel like you’re walking through Arendelle. The land will also offer a boat ride that tells the story of Anna and Elsa.

Rapunzel’s tower will be the focus of the Tangled themed area, with a gondola ride re-creating Rapunzel’s “best day ever.”

Lastly there will be a Neverland, featuring Captain Hook’s pirate ship, Skull Rock, and Pixie Hollow. A boat ride will take you down a river while Tinkerbell sprinkles the boat with Pixie Dust!

It all sounds fabulous! Will keep you posted!




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