Child Passport Prices Are Going Up! (How To Avoid The Increase)

From 27th March 2018, the price of a British passport is set to go up by £12.50 for those applying by post.

An adult passport currently costs £72.50 whether you apply for it by post or online. Under the new government pricing, this will rise by 17% to £85 for postal applications.

A child passport currently cost £46 and will go up by £12.50 to £58.50 for postal applications.

Online application prices will also go up by £3. This means an adult passport will cost £75.50 and a child’s will cost £49 when applied for online.

How Can You Avoid The Price Increase?

You can renew your passport whenever you wish to and any time left on your current passport will be transferred to your new one, up to a maximum of nine months. So, if your passport runs out before 27 December, you may wish to get it renewed in the next month at the current, cheaper rate.

Even if your passport expires after 27 December, it may be worth renewing it now and losing a few days (as no more than nine months can be transferred onto your new passport) to save yourself some money.

However, remember that a renewed passport takes three weeks from the day of application to arrive, so avoid renewing yours before 27 March if you have any immediate travel plans!


Apply For A Passport Now

You can apply for a child passport if your child is under 16. A child passport is valid for five years. Apply for a child passport here. Renew a child passport here.

It should take three weeks to get the passport – or you can use the one-week fast-track service if you need it urgently (the one-day premium service is not available for child passports)

You can apply for an adult passport if you are aged 16 or older (or will be within three weeks). An adult passport is valid for 10 years. Apply for an adult passport here. Renew an adult passport here.

It should take six weeks to arrive – or you can use either the one-week fast-track service or the one-day premium service if you need to.



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