Review Of FRIGHT NIGHTS At Thorpe Park (2019)

Thorpe Park FRIGHT NIGHTS are back for this October and November. We were invited to experience the ultimate Halloween event and check out some of the latest attractions on offer.

This year there are 8 “horrifying scare attractions” plus the opportunity to ride some of the most thrilling rollercoaster in Europe in the dark. Some of the mazes have been re-vamped since I last went to FRIGHT NIGHTS a couple of years ago. These are the latest attractions;-

  • Platform 15 (ghost train)
  • Screamplexx Cinema (horror film)
  • The Walking Dead: Living Nightmare (maze)
  • The Walking Dead: Do Or Die (maze)
  • Blair Witch (maze)
  • Containment (escape room)
  • Terror At Amity High (show)
  • Creek Freak Massacre (maze)
  • The Feared 5 Challenge (rollercoasters)

So, having been to FRIGHT NIGHTS before, I kind of knew what to expect when entering the scare mazes. Plenty of actors with full makeup and costumes, there to give you a scare. I think the actors have definitely upped their game since my last visit though. We checked out the following mazes this time;-

Blair Witch

We were coaxed into the woods by a creepy looking individual and then left to find our way around in the dark. Having been terrified by the original film, I think my heart rate was definitely up on this one. I didn’t know what to expect and it was definitely a bit freaky trying to navigate the woods. Was glad to get out of that one.

The Walking Dead: Do Or Die

Last time I did this maze it was called Sanctum but it has now been changed into Do Or Die. This outdoor maze is bigger than I can remember and you follow a new route where the actors have every opportunity to basically try and scare you (which they did…a little bit!). If you’re a fan of the TV series, this maze is a must. Be prepared to come face to face with the ‘Walkers’.

The Walking Dead: Living Nightmare

This indoor maze is dark and freaky- you’ll want to get through it as quickly as you can but there are plenty of scary obstacles as you navigate through it to get your heart thumping and more Walkers to make you scream. 

The Feared 5 Challenge

So we completed the Feared 5 Challenge without even realising we were taking part in a challenge! Apparently you need to ride 5 of the big rollercoasters once and scan the QR codes located in the coaster queue lines, decipher the creepy code-word and quote it at the Megastore to get a FREE exclusive Feared 5 wristband. I must say after riding 5 of the coasters without much of a break in between each, our heads were spinning and I almost felt like a zombie myself by the time I left the theme park! Definitely worth it though! To sum up each coaster in one phrase;-

  • The Swarm- Like flying! My favourite
  • Stealth- Intense but amazing
  • Saw: The Ride- Petrifying and unexpected
  • Colossus- not for the faint hearted
  • Nemesis Inferno- great twists and turns!

The Verdict

Thorpe Park FRIGHT NIGHTS 2019 was a hit for us. From the moment you step onto ‘the island like no other’ you can immerse yourself in the scariest Halloween event you will find. Although you know the actors aren’t really crazy mass murderers, you can play along and either laugh yourself silly or freak yourself out. Either way its plenty of fun. Riding the coasters in the dark is a whole different experience from riding them in the day…and they do say that coasters get faster as the day goes on! 

FRIGHT NIGHTS remaining event dates: 10th–13th, 17th–31st October and 1st–3rd November 2019.

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