10 Best Octonauts Toys in 2021

Best Octonauts Toys
Best Octonauts Toys

If your child loves the Octonauts show and stories, they’ll be delighted with some Octonauts toys.

Finding the right one is tricky if you’re not familiar with the characters.

Don’t worry! In this article we’ve selected 10 of the best Octonauts toys for kids.

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Let’s get started!

Octonauts Remote Control Gup-K (Fisher-Price)

  • Although it’s not used a great deal on the show, it’s certainly one of the coolest!
  • Kids will love the remote control element – steer the Gup-K forwards and backwards.
  • There’s a neat chomping action with its jaws opening and closing.
  • Highlights include a water dart cannon and removable swamp speeders for the little figures to ride on.

Octonauts Midnight Zone Gup-A Playset

  • You got a lot of toy for your buck with this one.
  • It’s also the biggest Gup-A going at 30cm.
  • There’s 10 Midnight Zone creatures along with loads of extras including one Shellington figure, two double-sided creature report carts, a transport tank, an Octo-Grabber and of course the vehicle to have fun with them all in.
  • Top value for money this one!

Octo-Crew 8 Figure Pack

Discount - Save £13.00
  • You’ll be playing it safe with a sure fire hit with this Octo-Crew pack.
  • You’ll get the eight most well known characters from the show: Barnacles, Kwazii, Peso, Dashi, Shellington, Tweak, Professor Inkling and Turnip.
  • Well suited for younger children as the figures aren’t too small.

Octonauts Gup-W Reef Rescue Playset

  • The Gup-W vehicle is designed to help rescue endangered coral reefs and this set packs a punch.
  • It stars one of the leading characters, Peso. Along with him are three sea creatures – Leatherback sea turtle, hammerhead shark and electric torpedo ray.
  • Your child will use the rescue net to bring the injured animals onto the Gup-W.

The Vegimals Figure 5 pack

  • The other figures pack you could go for are the underwater creatures that crop up often in the show.
  • These beauties do all sorts of things around the Octopod including making kelp cakes.
  • This fun figure pack includes Tunip, Tominnow, Codish, Barrot, Grouber and a Vegimal booklet

Octonauts Gup S Polar Exploration Vehicle

  • The Gup-S is the chosen polar exploration vehicle for the Octonauts.
  • This Fisher Price toy transforms into the Octo-Sled and Octo-Shuttle.
  • The Octo-Sled is perfect for quick explorations and it features an interchangeable tool system that allows you to attach rescue tools to the front of the vehicle.
  • The Gup-S features retractable treads, music, sounds and phrases and it comes with two mini-skis.
  • Just don’t put in the bath as reported by some parents!

Fisher-Price Octonauts Flying Fish Gup-B

  • This one can be taken into the bath and important undersea missions.
  • Included is the figure Kwazii decked out in his special Flying Fish Octo-Suit paired with a flying fish figure.
  • The vehicle squirts water but also packs some wheels so can be used for land based adventures.
  • Can be used as a bath toy.

Octonauts Octo Glow Crew Pack

  • Who doesn’t like glow in the dark toys?
  • Half of them glow orange – Barnacles, Tweak, Shellington, and Tunip.
  • The others – Kwazii, Peso, Dashi, and Inkling all glow green.
  • The figures are 2-3 inches tall so they’re a good size for your children to play with.

Kwazii’s Shark Adventure Playset

  • Kwazii who we met earlier features in this set and is tasked with the mission of rescuing a dwark lantern shark.
  • To help him in his quest he has a number of gizmos, including three diving helmets and a Fish biscuit launcher (naturally) and three fish biscuits.

Peso’s Medical Bag

  • If your children like to play doctors and nurses this may be the Octonauts toy for them.
  • Soft, plush Peso has a mission – he must help treat the snot sea cucumber.
  • His medical bag of goodies includes a stethoscope, thermometer, two bandages (one plastic, one fabric).
  • There’s also a creature card for the Octo Tablet.

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