The Jet Star (Wales)

Have you ever travelled in a first class executive jet plane?

We haven’t either 🙂

But here’s your chance for a truly unique glamping stay in this lovingly converted private jet plane from the 1970s.

4 guests · 1 bedroom · 1 bed · Toilet with sink

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The Jetstar is a first class plane that would have carried up to nine passengers.
A look across the glamping site including yurt and speedboat
Built in the seventies it retains most of the original features including a lit up bar area. 
The Jet Star Tenby and cabin
The Jet Star and cabin
The lights at night
The Cockpit
The site and shower block
There is also a large farm house attached to the edge of the Yurt site, this is let to guests also. 
The site consists of The house sleeps 12, 3 yurts 2 bell tents, The Funky Dome and of course the plane.
Cockpit including most of the original dials and X-box
The Fuselage sitting room and cockpit
View from bedroom ‘Cabin’
A look out of the cabin door
Atmospheric night lights
The cabin with engine room door and orginal port holea
The Bedroom ‘Cabin’

What’s Nearby?

  • Castle Beach 6.8km
  • Oakwood Theme Park 8.1km
  • Pembroke Castle 10.6km
  • Pembrokeshire Coast National Park 25.3km

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