53 Adorable Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids And Babies. Seeing Is Believing.

We scoured the web for these super adorable costumes for your little ones. Check them out!

1. Baby Shark

bay shark halloween costume

via buzzfeed

Sharks may be the scariest fish in the ocean, but put a shark costume on your little one, and a shark now represents ultimate cuteness!

2. Buster the Ice Cream Man/Toddler

buster ice cream

via Buzzfeed

Who said ice cream?

3. Baby Edward Scissor Hands

edward scissor hands costume for toddler

via Buzzfeed

Cuter than Johnny Depp? Yes.

4. Viking Baby

viking baby costume

via Spirit Halloween

Known for being ruthless warriors. Your baby=ruthless adorableness!

5. Superman Baby

baby superman costume

via tumblr

Too cute for words!

6. Little Candy Corn

candy baby

via tumblr

For the tiniest sweetie out there, this costume is simple and comfy!

7. Super Mario Brother/Sister

Super Mario costumes

via wtf costumes

These costumes will be a sure hit!

8. Biker Boy

biker baby

via party city

Tattoos and leather, your baby was born to be wild!

 9. Bjork Mini-Swan Dress

bjork swan

via costume works

A faux pas in 2001, but its back in time for Halloween 2013! The infamous Bjork swan dress, miniature edition.

10. Crazy Cat Lady

crazy cat lady

via costume works

Brilliant. We’d add a few more cats, for good measure!

11. Little Cherry Pie

cherry pie

via party city

Dressing her up as an actual pie could be a bit uncomfortable, but this adorable costume is a sure way to cutie pie!

12. Mouse Trapped

 mouse trapped

via tumblr

Portable mouse trap on wheels!

13. Count Cuteness

baby draculla

via costume works


14. Star Wars

princess leia

via tumblr

Princess Leia just got cuter! Although we’re not so sure about those hair buns…

15. Raggedy Ann

raggedy ann costume

via costume works

For your little doll.

16. Up Inspired

up inspired

via Auburn Soul photography

Inspired by Up, this costume is simple and adorable.

17. Knight in Shining Armour

little knight in shining armor


He’ll be your little knight in shining armour! Cute!

18. Tiny Octopus

Tiny Tentacles

via amazon

Tiny Tentacles Octopus, utterly irresistible!

19. Umpa Lumpa

umpa lumpa costume


“Oompa Loompa, do-ba-dee-doo,
I’ve got a perfect puzzle for you.”

20. Play Pen Inmate

play pen inmate


Play pen inmate, how clever!

21. Wizard of Oz Tin Man

wizard of oz tin man costume

via costume works

Precious costume from a classic Wizard of Oz.

22. Baby Minion

baby minion costume


“It’s so FLUFFY!” In this case, CUTE!

23.  Pizza Slice

baby pizza costume

via amazon

It’s a fresh slice of baby pizza. *shivers*

24. Cotton Candy


via costume works

To get candy, one must think and be a candy!

25. Stay Puft Marshmallow Man

marshmellow fluff

via costume works

Ghostbusters fans rejoice, miniature Stay Puft  Marshmallow Man is here!

26. Thing 1 & Thing 2

dr seus


Little Thing 1 and Thing 2, to cause a little mischief!

27. Humpty Dumpty

humpty dumpty


He sat on the wall, but his parents would never let him fall!

28. Frida Kahlo

Frida costume


For the artistic ones.

29. Pumpkin Cutie

pumpkin munchkin


Simply Adorable!

30. Fire Breathing Baby Dragon

dragon baby costume


Attaching the flames to the pacifier really makes this costume a winner!

31. Garden Gnome

gnome cutie


At first we actually thought this was an impressive gnome, his parents did a great job!

32. Breakfast at Tiffany’s

bfast at tiffanys


For the little diva.

33. Spaghetti & Meatballs



Why not dress up your tot in your favourite meal?

34. Spring Chicken

baby chick


Simple, effective, and comfy! It’s all a baby needs!

35. The White Rabbit

the white rabbit


It’s never too late to dress up like the rabbit from Alice in Wonderland!

36. Cheshire Baby

cheshire cat


… or The Cheshire Cat.

37. Sad Baby Lion



The expression of the little one is priceless, maybe he wanted to go as someone else. We think its perfect!

38. Owl



Curious pink owl. What a great DIY costume!

39. Toy Story Inspired




40. Stinky



Warning: may actually be stinky!

41. Royalty

king and queen

via Martha Stewart

Little Royals!

42. Scuba Diver



For the lovers of the ocean, it’s a great DIY for the girls and boys!

43. The Original Bee Hive

bee hive


Fantastic Hive and bumble bees!

44. Tornado



This costume is fully equipped with cows, fences and trees!

45. Chinese Take Out

Chinese take out


Chinese Food…. Mmm!

46. Goldfish



One little goldfish.

47. Knight and Dragon

knight and dragon


Very cute!

48. Starbucks Drink



Your very own Starbucks Frappuccino.

49. Chanel Purse

chanel bag


For the fashion lovers. One day she’ll wonder why you dressed her up as your favourite fashion accessory.

50. Monsters Inc.

toy story



51. Subway Baby

52. Octobaby

via Fubstance

53. Grinch

54. Baby Grandma

Phew…there we go, we made it, hope you did too. The finest, most adorable homemade halloween costume ideas for kids and babies. Now you know what is possible, or otherwise!

We hope you enjoyed these. What was your favourite? Stay tuned for more in the series, we have some interesting pet costumes and costumes for the whole family!