Delicious Halloween Party Food – 17 Fun and Creepy Halloween Recipes You Can Try At Home

Here are 15 ghoulish treats and meals that actually look quite tasty! Mmmm shrunken cider head….Bon appetite!

Tombstone Taco Dip

tombstone taco dip

Recipe HERE.

With layers of refried beans and other flavourful ingredients, this party dip will be a hit!

Pretzel Fingers

pretzel fingers

Recipe HERE.

This is a quick, and super easy way to create a fun themed snack. You can also add some green food dye to the white chocolate, to create green fingers or use various sizes of pretzels!

Brownie Coffins

brownie coffins

Recipe HERE.

If you’ve made brownies before, this is a great way to give your recipe a festive twist.

Poisoned Apples

poisoned apples

Recipe HERE.

Adding the black food colouring is really what makes this recipe so cool! It’s a fast and easy treat, that can be wrapped and given away at a children’s Halloween party!

Gingerbread Skeletons

gingerbread skeletons

Recipe HERE.

Using your cookie molds and some white icing, the gingerbread cookies are now spooky skeleton treats!

Dracula’s Dentures

Dracula's Dentures

Recipe HERE.

Dracula would be so proud of these! Another simple and quick recipe that people will be asking you about!

Strawberry Ghosts

strawberry ghosts

Recipe HERE.

A fun twist to chocolate dipped strawberries, just add a frightened face, and voila, you’ve got creepy ghosts!

Deviled Eggs

bedeviled eggs

Recipe HERE.

They’re called deviled eggs, so why not dress up this appetiser with a little sinister pointed features from the one they get their name from?

Peanut Butter Spider Cookies

Recipe HERE.

Just make sure you know ahead of time if anyone has a peanut allergy!

Jack O Lantern Dip

Jack O Lantern Dip

Recipe HERE.

Yellow cheddar cheese is the perfect pumpkin orange! With a little help from tortilla chips and olives, you will have a delicious dip!

Edible Eyeballs

edible eye balls

Recipe HERE.

Inspired by Pirates of the Caribbean, this fun desert recipe is spooky fun! Just place them in a jar to freak everyone out!

Pizza Mummies

pizza mummies

Recipe HERE.

Creating this fun snack is a breeze, using a crumpet, layer on some pizza sauce, cheese, and a few eye details, you have a mummy!

Bloody Finger Hot Dogs

You only need about 20 minutes and a few ingredients to make these Hot Dogs including hot dogs, hot dog buns, ketchup, and water.

Cauldron of Green Curry

couldron of curry

Recipe HERE.

The green colour of this dish really does look like something a witch would brew in her cauldron! Now to find an actual cauldron to serve this in…

Hot Dog Mummies

hot dog mummies

Recipe HERE.

These look delish! Any ready dough will do, all you need to do is cut it in to strips and wrap around the hot dog. The dips can be others, just according to preference. Quick and great to serve to kids!

Shrunken Heads in Cider

Shrunken Heads in Cider

Recipe HERE.

This is one spooky looking bowl of cider! You can either scare the children with this one, or add rum for the adult version of the drink.

Spiderweb Eggs

Spider Eggs

Recipe HERE.

This recipe asks for blueberries, but black or dark blue food dye can also be used.

There you have it – hope these Halloween recipes come out looking half as good as these and you’re onto a winner!