10 Best Slime Kits For Kids

Best Slime Kits For Kids
Best Slime Kits For Kids

Are you looking to up your child’s slime game with a fun, safe and educational slime kit?

Pre-made kits let you create all kinds of slime beyond what you can make from home.

In this guide we’ll show you the best slime kits for kids, along with a complete slime guide and fun activities you can try at home!

Let’s go – it’s slime time!

10 Best Slime Kits for Kids

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Mega Slime Kit & Putty Lab
Huge variety of unique slimes and putty - eight different substances including glow in the dark slime, magnetic slime, fluffy slime and many more. Kit comes with a child-friendly learning guide packed full of 16 pages explaining the science behind the putty. Written for kids aged 8 and over. High quality materials supplied with this kit from National Geographic.
Original Stationery Unicorn Slime Kit
This one is a bestseller and you can see why - good price, lots in it and excellent slime. All in all a great slime making kit supplied in a compact box. There's a good instructional manual and a wide variety of slime fillers. The kit is filled with everything they could desire - coloured dye, sequins, clear bits, shiny bits and lots of scents. Unicorn + Slime = hours of joy!
Luclay Fluffy Slime Putty Slime Kit
If you're after something a little different or perhaps your child has tried homemade or simple slime starter kits. The package contains 12 packs of galaxy sludge and 6 packs of crystal slime. Fill the eggs with unicorn coloured sludge. Great consistency and loads of colours. Parents are delighted with how much fun this one has provided.
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Glam Goo Theme – Fantasy Pack
Take your slime game up a notch by creating fashionable charms your child can wear. They can personalise them with fragrance, glitter and small decorations. Supplied with a wearable heart pendant and keyring to load with slime. Slime comes pre-made with this kit so that may be good or bad depending on what you're after. Suitable for ages 6 years and up.
So Slime DIY Slimelicious Case
Great kit which is super easy to make. Simply add water and their slime powder. There are five bags of different slime powder to try along with four bags of decoration to jazz up your slime creation. Supplied with a fun, brightly coloured toolcase, handy for storing all your slimey supplies. Smells good too! And no mess as the slime is not sticky and so is easy to clean up in a jiffy.
Elmer’s Glue Slime Starter Pack
Very well reviewed and extremely popular slime starter kit. It makes really good slime in quick time and it's super easy to make with simple instructions. The kit contains excellent PVA glue for creating quality slime. You also receive two bottles of Elmer's clear glue and their own brand Magic Liquid. Mix these two together and hey presto, your glue turns into slime. Add to the mess with supplied glitter! Suitable for children aged 3 and up.
Smelli Gelli Baff – Bubblegum
Simple lush smelling kit - if you love bubblegum that is. Simple kit which is perfect for younger children from 3 and up. Perfect fun for bath time when you dissolve it in the water and it creates a gooey bath of slime. Can also use in paddling pools. The water turns into proper think slime. Finished with it? Simple add the deactivating powder and it works straight away - super easy to clean up.
Nickelodeon Make Your Own Slime
A simple kit to make your own slime and choose from a bunch of colours. Certainly a budget option and less of a kit but a good starter for those wanting to get in on the ooey gooey fun. And from the original slime creator, Nickelodeon!

Frequently Asked Questions about Slime Kits

What is Slime?

Slime has been around for many decades. It’s first appearance in pop culture was in 1979 when a Canadian show called “You Can’t Do That on Television” used slime on its show. It was ever present on the show which aired on the Nickelodeon network. Since then the network have used it on a number of other TV shows and it appears annually on Nickelodeon’s Kid’s Choice Awards which also featured celebrities getting slimed.

It was also made famous in the 1984 Hollywood classic, Ghostbusters. You may remember the ghost ‘Slimer’ and the famous line ‘He slimed me’.

More recently there has been a huge increase in YouTube videos featuring kids playing with slime. Children love to watch them!

Image Credit : mstefano80

What is Slime made

The key ingredient in slime is usuallt Elmer’s Glue. You then add things like saline drops, contact lens solution or liquid starch. In scientific terms slime is essentially watered-down glue with an ‘activator’ that crosses chains of polymer molecules.

This recipe produces an oozing liquid that at first will be very sticky. As you knead the ingredients together, it will solidify and turn pleasantly stretchy and squidgy. Children (and many adults) find it very satisfying to play with and sink their little fingers into.

What is the best way to store slime?

If left out in the open air with oxygen, homemade slime tends to dry up after a few days and break. If it’s only a little bit dry you can usually give it a proper knead back into life and back to its slimey texture. If you are able to store the slime in a plastic bag this will help increase its lifespan to a few weeks.

Is Slime safe?

Slime kits or home made slime should be non toxic. All the kits we have featured here are safe and pass stringent quality checks needed in order to sell toys in the European Union or the United States of America.

Saying this there is good reason to be concerned with Borax, a common ingredient in both homemade DIY recipes or kits themselves. Borax can cause harm if ingested, even in small quantities. Slime should never be eaten. Children should only play with slime when they are old enough to understand that it should never be put in the their mouth.

With younger children, it’s understandable they may try to put in their mouths as it’s soft and sometimes sweet smelling. Some kits or DIY recipes claim to be borax-free but instead include solutions that contain a chemical similar to Borax, Boric Acid.

It’s recommended that you instill the behaviour, once they start playing ith slime, they’re not allowed to touch anything else or anyone. No petting the cat, no snacking with their hands and so on. When they’re done they should wash their hands thoroughly.

Another approach is to put some slime in a ziploc bag – this way your little one can still get the benefit of squishing slime without handling it directly.

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