25 Best Unicorn Toys

Best Unicorn Toys
Best Unicorn Toys

Children love unicorns because they are mythical, magical, rainbow maned creatures, which fuel the imagination.

Therefore unicorn toys are perfect for adding a touch of magic and sparkle to your child’s life. I know some sort of unicorn toy usually comes top of my little girls Christmas wish list.

There are certainly plenty to choose from but we’ve selected our top 25 unicorn toys for 2020 and there are toys in there to suit all tastes and budgets!

Let’s get going!

25 Best Unicorn Toys

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Aurora Fancy-Pal Peek-A-Boo Pet Carrier
Forget dog in a bag! This pretty pink and white pet carrier bag comes complete with a soft and cuddly white unicorn inside.
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Orchard Toys Rainbow Unicorns Game
1,048 Reviews
Orchard Toys Rainbow Unicorns Game
A game which helps to develop colour matching and memory skills for kids. Suitable for ages 3-5.
FurReal Friends Walkalots Big Wags Unicorn Interactive Pet Toy
This pretend pet unicorn features a connectible system that lets kids walk the pet! Push her along by her lead and she’ll move forward with her wobbling head, signature bouncy walk, and spring-activated tail motion. Suitable for ages 4+.
Animagic Rainbow - My Glowing Unicorn
This cuddly unicorn toy has a rainbow mane and when you stroke its back the horn starts to glow magically. Also makes the cutest unicorn sounds.
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VTech Myla The Magical Make-Up Unicorn Toy with Microphone for Kids
This unicorn comes with a magic make-up brush, which when applied to its horn, eyes, and wings you can watch as they magically light up in the colour of your choice! You can also sing along with your unicorn using the magic microphone. Touch sensors on her back enables her to tell you your lucky colour and a prediction for the day.
Polly Pocket Unicorn Party Playset
Pull the tab on the playset to see colourful confetti stream, revealing over 25 surprises. Many of the surprises have plug and play features to fit into the playset which makes it ideal for taking on your travels.
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JOYIN Unicorn Castle Pretend Tin Teapot Set
This adorable unicorn toy tin tea set is designed for pretend play, encouraging children to use their imagination and improve their creativity and social skills.
Melissa & Doug Giant Unicorn Stuffed Animal
Giant unicorn which your child can sit on and stroke. Sturdy wireframe makes it durable and the shimmering details give this unicorn an enchanted look.
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A to Z Unicorn Family Playset
Kids will have fun grooming and pampering their very own unicorn family, which comes with accessories including a hair brush and a mirror.
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ZURU Pets Alive Magical Unicorn in Stable
This unicorn comes with its own stable. The unicorn lights up and reacts to touch, sound and motion. More than 20 ways to interact and play.
URAQT Unicorn Costume
A cute Unicorn Princess costume/ fancy dress with necklace and hairband, which would be perfect for parties or special occasions. Available in age 2-10 years.
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Fisher-Price GHY50 Bounce and Spin Unicorn
This stationary ride on toy features a sturdy base with easy-grip handles, interactive buttons and multicolour lights. The unicorn plays songs, whimsical sounds, and educational phrases which include the alphabet, numbers and colours as your baby bounces up and down or spins around! Suitable from 12 months +.
Fingerlings Baby Unicorn
A mini interactive toy pet which will react when it’s being touched, talked to, and even hung upside down! It has over 40 realistic animations so you will know exactly how your new pet feels. It can blink its eyes and turn its head.
Jewelkeeper Girl's Musical Jewellery Storage Box with Spinning Unicorn
Majestic unicorn musical jewellery storage box with a pretty unicorn which twirls to the tune of 'The Unicorn'. Ideal for storing girl's jewellery including bracelets, necklaces, rings, and other precious keepsakes. Perfect unicorn gift for an older child.
Karids 20 Pack Multicolor Mochi Unicorn Squishies
Individually wrapped for party bags, these squishy unicorns have been included in the line up as we thought they would make great party bag fillers or stocking fillers, especially for little girls who are having a unicorn themed party.
Furreal Friends Fantasy Collection StarLily My Magical Unicorn Pet
This interactive soft unicorn toy responds to your voice and touch with more than 100 sound and motion combinations. Her front legs move and she can sit, stand and lie down. Recommended for 4+ years.
Poopsie Slime Surprise Unicorn
Slime fans will love this sparkly unicorn with over 20 surprises, that magically poops glitter slime! Includes all the ingredients and accessories you will need to make your unicorn poop glitter slime. For ages 6 years+.
Discount - Save £8.00
My Fairy Garden Unicorn Garden
2,810 Reviews
My Fairy Garden Unicorn Garden
A grow and play playset that includes everything you need to make an enchanting garden. The pack includes a beautiful fairy, a unicorn, grass seeds, fairy dust, a wishing well and lots more!
Discount - Save £7.41
Barbie Dreamtopia Unicorn Styling Head
If your child loves brushing dolls hair then they will love this iridescent unicorn featuring long eyelashes, a gold glittered horn and beautiful rainbow hair that is perfect for brushing and styling.
HappyHopperz Inflatable Ride On, Bounce Along Toy - Turquoise Unicorn
Bright, inflatable bouncer which rivals the space hoppers of the 1970's! Helps hildren develop co-ordination and balance. Ideal for indoor or outdoor play.
Micro Scooter Unicorn Head Handlebar Accessory
Personalise your child's scooter with a soft, cuddly unicorn head. Attaches to the scooter quickly and easily with super strong Velcro fastening.
Easily attaches to ANY Mini scooter, Maxi scooter, Balance Bike, Cruiser or Trike.
Baker Ross AT781 Hugging Unicorn Plush Pals
Each of these plush unicorns has ‘huggable’ arms. They can be ‘snapped’ into place around your wrist or around each other.
HOMCOM Kids Plush Toy Ride on Walking Unicorn Horse
30 Reviews
HOMCOM Kids Plush Toy Ride on Walking Unicorn Horse
A unicorn on four wheels and with an aspen wood frame. Child can ride around on the unicorn and it also makes 'neigh' noise if you press the button on its ear.
Discount - Save £0.95
4M Mould and Paint
Mould and Paint your very own Glitter Unicorns. Mix the plaster and pour into the moulds. Once dry, use paints to decorate and sprinkle with some glitter to bring some sparkle to your creations. Suitable for children aged 5+. Ideal to get kids to be creative.
Tobar Unicorn Race Retro Game
Watch as the magical unicorns climb up to the fairy-tale castle and then race against each other down the slide. First back down wins!

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