10 Best Heavy Duty Tent Pegs in 2022

For this post, I have put together a collection of the 10 best heavy duty tent pegs currently available. Browse my ultimate camping checklist and you won’t forget anything!

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heavy duty tent pegs
Heavy Duty Tent Pegs

Choosing the right tent pegs is crucial. You want your tent pegs to hold on to your tent and offer adequate stability.

If you choose correctly, your tent pegs should uphold even the harshest of conditions including heavy rains or wind, as long as your tent is designed to do so.

There is a huge range of tent pegs available, different shapes, different materials and different lengths so read my guide below to help you choose the ideal heavy duty tent peg to ensure your trip away is enjoyable and hassle free.

Tents pegs and guy ropes can be hazardous if not used safely. Here is a useful resource for ensuring your camping trip goes smoothly. Staying safe on the campsite – The Camping and Caravanning Club.

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How We Selected

I have carefully made my selection by searching the web for reviews on all heavy duty tent pegs to find you the best ones available.

My aim for this post is to find various tent pegs that only get the best feedback, with at least 4 star reviews.

I have researched the ones with the best design features, shape and length taking into account the various materials they are constructed from.

I have compared many heavy duty tent pegs to give you a range for those on a budget to the more premium options. I based my research on reviews from family and friends who have tested the pegs along with my own personal experience of many years camping in pop up tents to full size family tents!

So here is my list of the best heavy duty tent pegs.

Kampa Hex Screw-In Hard Ground Tent & Awning Pegs

  • Threaded steel pegs plus drill adaptor
  • Material: Steel
  • Peg Length: 25cm with 13mm hex head
  • Pack Size: Pack of 20 heavy duty pegs
  • Type: Screw Pegs
  • Pros: Comes in robust carry case for storage, Suitable for hard or stony ground and hardstanding pitches as well as grass.
  • Cons: You need a drill to use them correctly.
  • Consumer Score: Outstanding reviews From 9 ratings 94% gave this 5 stars out of 5.

Terra Nova Aluminium V Tent Peg

  • The variable angle design provides extra holding power, making them ideal for all weather conditions.
  • Very light, these pegs weigh only 10g each.
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Peg Length: 13.5cm long
  • Pack Size: Pack of 10
  • Type: ‘V’ Pegs
  • Pros: Good colour so can be easily seen.
  • Cons: Only 10 in a pack, so quite pricey.
  • Consumer Score: Super reviews From 13 ratings 77% gave this 5 stars out of 5.

Mikihat Heavy Duty Plastic Tent Pegs

  • A hook on the top of the peg and spiral shape makes for easy installation and removal.
  • Very lightweight
  • Material: Plastic
  • Peg Length: 14.5 cm long
  • Pack Size: Pack of 20
  • Type: Plastic
  • Pros: Bright colour so can be easily seen. Great value for money.
  • Cons: The plastic is more fragile than a steel peg so you may bend a few if you use too much force.
  • Consumer Score: Fab reviews From 11 ratings 77% gave this 5 stars out of 5.

Kampa Rock Peg Pack

  • Holds a tent down securely.
  • Intended for hard or rocky grounding.
  • Material: Steel
  • Peg Length: 23cm long
  • Pack Size: Pack of 20
  • Type: Rock Pegs
  • Pros: Comes with a peg puller and a handy storage case.
  • Cons: The plastic top can bend if over zealous with the peg puller.
  • Consumer Score: Amazing reviews From 95 ratings 76% gave this 5 stars out of 5.

AAGUT Heavy Duty 9 Inch Tent Pegs

  • Large non-slip 1″ hook for attaching ropes.
  • Material: Galvanised Steel
  • Peg Length: 9inches long
  • Pack Size: Pack of 25
  • Type: Wire Pegs
  • Pros: Very strong. Good in high winds. Good pack size.
  • Cons: Seem to be quite heavy compared to other wire pegs.
  • Consumer Score: Excellent reviews From 1,319 ratings 80% gave this 5 stars out of 5.

ADEPTNA Large Heavy Duty Tent Pegs

  • These multi-use pegs keep tents, gazebos and awnings in place during windy and stormy weather
  • Sharpened tips for easy insertion into ground.
  • Material: Galvanized steel,
  • Peg Length:  25CM  long
  • Pack Size: Pack of 10
  • Type: Wire / Rock
  • Pros: Strong and sturdy pegs. Seem to be very durable.
  • Cons: Plastic tops are quite brittle and snap if accidently hammered.
  • Consumer Score: Fantastic reviews From 390 ratings 73% gave this 5 stars out of 5.

Blue Diamond Power Pegs

  • Designed For Penetrating Harder, Stoney Ground Pitches
  • Material: 6mm Gauge Steel
  • Peg Length: 20cm Long
  • Pack Size: Pack of 20
  • Type: Rock Pegs
  • Pros: Includes Robust Storage Case, They are also available in a pallet size containing 546 pegs. Easy to use and to remove. Don’t seem to bend when hitting rocks hidden in the ground.
  • Cons: The storage case is larger than needed, taking up space. The black plastic tops can slip down the peg
  • Consumer Score: Great reviews From 3,135 ratings 71% gave this 5 stars out of 5.

TaylorHe Tent Pegs

  • Suitable for all surfaces, including sand, ice, rock and grass..
  • Material: Solid steel
  • Peg Length: 25cm long
  • Pack Size: Pack of 12
  • Type: Wire / Rock
  • Pros: Very strong and sturdy. Comes with heavy duty canvas pouch, taking up less room than a storage case.
  • Cons: Heavy so not ideal for back packing. Higher price tag.
  • Consumer Score: Super reviews From 20 ratings 80% gave this 5 stars out of 5.

RiYii Heavy Duty Tent Pegs

  • Multi-use, for awnings, tarps, hammocks and tents.
  • Material: Galvanized steel
  • Peg Length: 9inch long
  • Pack Size: Pack of 25
  • Type: wire Pegs
  • Pros: Good pack size, Sturdy and durable. Great value.
  • Cons: Couldn’t find any faults with them.
  • Consumer Score: Brilliant reviews From 101 ratings 84% gave this 5 stars out of 5.

Wire Products Tent Pegs

  • Suitable for all ground types
  • Material: Steel
  • Peg Length: 30cm long
  • Pack Size: Pack of 10
  • Type: Wire
  • Pros: Good length, longer than standard pegs. Extremely strong and durable. Can be ordered in larger quantities.
  • Cons: No storage case.
  • Consumer Score: Incredible reviews From 123 ratings 83% gave this 5 stars out of 5.

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The Most Important Features To Consider

Before purchasing your heavy duty tent pegs, it’s essential you have a think over your needs and what features you require. These include the following:


You can find tent pegs made from various materials such as plastic, steel, aluminium, titanium, or stainless steel. Therefore when choosing the material, you need to decide what ones work best for you.

Steel pegs are strong and durable but can be heavy and susceptible to rust. However, aluminium pegs don’t corrode and are also strong and durable but lighter.

Plastic pegs offer sufficient stability and support on soft ground. However, they can easily bend, crack, or break into hard ground.

Length and Weight

When choosing the best heavy duty tent pegs, the length, weight and size are all a key factor.

A shorter peg built with a larger surface area generally performs better than a long and thinner peg.

However, longer pegs can dig deeper into the ground meaning that your pegs will offer a more stable hold on your tent but they tend to be heavier.

You don’t want tent pegs that are too heavy to weigh your camping packs down. At the same time, you don’t want tent pegs that are too light to prevent proper tent setup in windy conditions. 


There are various types of tent pegs on the market, so what is the difference?

Wire Pegs: The wire tent peg is the most popular type. This is because it is included in most tents you buy. Wire pegs generally work well on any ground and perfectly fine to use.

Plastic pegs: Plastic pegs work best for soft ground such as grass. They are durable if used correctly and offer a secure hold on your tent.

However, if used with force in rocky or harder ground they are suspectable to bending and cracking.

V Tent Peg: V tent pegs are a more versatile type. This is because they work great for all ground types. They add good structure to the main part of your tent, and give a groundsheet a secure hold.

Rock Tent Peg: As the name suggests, rock tent pegs are ideal for hard rocky ground. These tent peg types have a pointed tip which allows you to easily drive them through the hard ground. . 

Screw Peg: Generally, screw pegs offer more grip. This is because these tent pegs have a screw-like thread and are usually made of metal which protects them against bending or breaking. 

Heavy Duty Tent Pegs FAQs

Will My Tent Come With Pegs?

Most camping tents will come with free metal pegs as a complete kit. Usually they will be wire or V pegs.

These are perfectly fine, but you may want to invest in alternatives depending on the conditions you will be using them in.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Heavy Duty Tent Pegs?

Heavy Duty Tent pegs help prevent your tent from blowing over in heavy winds, along with offering security and stability to your tents in a wide range of weather conditions.

Can I Use An Alternative To Tent Pegs?

Generally, it is good practice and safer to use proper tent pegs for securing your tent. But, if you find yourself in a position with no tent pegs, you can always find alternatives.

You can use wood or tapping screws as alternatives. As long as they are heavy, then they would generally do an ok job at holding the tent in place.

What Angle Do You Put Tent Pegs In?

Generally, you should drive your tent pegs into the ground at a 45-degree angle inward towards the tent.
This will help to prevent the tent from pulling off the ground in high winds.

Before you pitch your tent, you should test the ground to ensure you are using the right pegs for the ground. 

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If you think I left any out that should be included or have a suggestion for a future article, let me know in the comments below.


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