8 Best Tag Along Bikes 2021

Best Tag Along Bikes
Best Tag Along Bikes

Tag along bikes mean you and your child can go on bike rides that are faster, further and safer than you could manage on separate bikes.

In this guide I’ll show you when a tag along bike is a good idea and what to consider when choosing one. I’ll share eight of the best tag along bikes that we recommend.

Let’s get started!

What is a Tag Along Bike?

Also known as a trailer bike, a tag a long bike is a child’s bicycle with the front wheel, fork and headset replaced by a long towbar or boom. It fits to the back of the adult’s bike to form an articulated tandem.

Tag along bikes are much cheaper than tandems and use a lot less space. They’re more flexible too – in that you can remove the trailer cycle and use as a normal solo bike as needed.

And the good thing is that most bikes can tow a tag along bike.

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Best Tag Along Bikes: 8 of the Best

Burley Piccolo Tag-a-Long

Burley is a hugely respected bike brand and we featured their bike trailers. They also make some excellent tag a long bikes including the Burley Piccolo. Like the Burley Kazoo, they are not cheap but they are pretty much the best tag along bikes on the market. If you plan to use your trailer cycle a lot and your budget can stretch then both of these come highly recommended. The unique selling point is their mounting system that attaches to the a rack and not the seat post. This makes for a far superior ride, smoother and with greater maneouvrability. The Piccolo is Burley’s geared version, see below for the Kazoo, their single speed tag along bike.

Burley Kazoo Tag-a-Long

Piccolo VS Kazoo Comparison

WeeRide Co-Pilot Tag-Along

A more budget friendly option than the Burley brand, the WeeRide Co-Pilot (and the Alloy Pro below) are two excellent traditional tag along bikes.

The WeeRide models feature adjustable seat height and handlebars, mudguards, chair guard, safety and a specially designed swivel to maintain the arm of the tag a long maneouvres smoothly around bends. They are easy to mount and unmount and folds down to half its size for quick and efficient storage in the car boot. The saddles are soft and comfortable and there are a range of colours available.

WeeRide Alloy Pro Pilot

Similar to the Co-Pilot above the Allow Pro Pilot’s are made of aluminium so are considerably lighter. This may be of benefit depending on where you will be riding. For example, if you’re taking on lots of hills you will seen notice the benefit from the lighter material. Another consideration is where you plan to store – this will depend if you are benefit more from the aluminium over the steel option.

Wehoo iGo Blast

The Wehoo iGo Blast and Turbo (see below) are two options suitable for younger children. The more standard tag along bikes can often move about quite a bit and there is no harness. These two Wehoo models tackle both these issues by providing a more stable ride, along with a wide, recumbent seat (instead of a saddle) with a height adjustable harness.

Suitable age ranges are from 2 to 9 years old.

Along with providing a very secure and stable set up for your child, the Wehoo is excellent for navigating less than smooth terrains due to its narrow footprint and single wheel.

The Wehoo Blast model is the less costly of the two and ideal for the younger children. It has no pedals which isn’t an issue given their young age and instead is a footrest. On the downside with Wehoos your bike has to be upright when getting your child into the trailer – made a lot easier with a bike stand. Handgrips give the children something secure to hold onto, the sprocket and chain are enclosed to keep them out of harms way. As they are so low to the ground there is the possibility of dust getting in their face.

Weehoo iGo Turbo

The model up from the Blast is the Turbo that includes storage. This comes in the form of two cargo panniers that attach to the seat and have a capacity of 14 litres.


The TrailGator is an excellent alternative to the traditional tag along bikes above. It consists of a towbar that fixes to your child’s bike and turns it into an ersatz trailer cycle. It opens up all sorts of possibilities such as towing a child too small to fit onto a traditional tag along bike. Or you can convert a it mid ride – so a child can use their bike solo for part of the journey, and then attach the TrailGator for parts of the journey where they may be tired or when you are travelling through more challenging sections.

The installation of the TrailGator is easy enough but be aware that it does take some time. It’s not recommended for bikes that have hand brakes and do be aware that they are more wobbly than trailer cycles.

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FollowMe Tandem

An alternative to the standard tag along bikes above, the FollowMe Tandem lets you bring your child’s own bike along so they can choose to ride separately if they wish.

It’s a Swiss-designed, rear-axle mounted steel trailer that only weighs 4kg.

Is a Tag Along Bike the Right Choice?

Tag along bikes are a great option for children who have moved beyond a child seat or bike trailer but aren’t yet ready to ride solo the whole time.

The great thing about tag along bikes is that your child can help out pedalling as much or as little as they want.

The specific type of tag along bike will depend greatly on the type of experience you are after, along with ability and age of your child.

Generally speaking a tag along bike can work very well if your child is over 4 years old, is confident using a pedal bike without stabilisers and has good balance. If you are cycling on the road they must be completely aware they can’t leave the tag along bike whenever they want!

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