11 Magical Harry Potter Christmas Decorations In 2022

For this post, I have put together a collection of the most magical Harry Potter Christmas decorations currently available. They also make for fantastic Harry Potter Gifts. See all my top picks for Christmas decorations.

Why not bring a bit of Hogwarts home to you this Christmas?

To help you on your search here are 15 magical Harry Potter Christmas decorations.

Harry Potter Christmas Decorations
Harry Potter Christmas Decorations

I’ve also included 50 Potter tree ideas and homemade ornaments.

Let’s get started!

Harry Potter Christmas Ornaments in the UK for 2020

Harry Potter Ornament

It also comes in Hermione, Ron, Dobby, and Hedwig versions if you know your fan’s favorite character.

Harry Potter Hogwarts 2D String Lights

  • All that glitters – set of 12 lights featuring the Hogwarts family crest.
  • Perfect for a tree, mantelpiece or bedroom. Bunting measures 2.5 metres.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Christmas Stocking

  • Pre-Christmas stocking with embroidered Hogwarts logo.
  • Perfect gift for a budding young Potter fan.

The Noble Collection Hogwarts Christmas Tree Ornaments

  • Add a little fun and wonder to your tree with this collection of well crafted solid Christmas Tree Ornaments.
  • Beautiful hanging from the branches or decorating your mantelpiece, they’re a lovely wizarding touch.

Harry Potter Inspired Ravenclaw’s Diadem Christmas Decoration

No products found.

Beautiful handmade Ravenclaw’s diadem Christmas decoration with a matching silver ribbon to hang from the Christmas tree or around the home.

Harry Potter Floating Candles

  • Hang them from the ceiling with fishing lines to create the right atmosphere.
  • These look fantastic in the dark.
Harry Potter Floating Candles

Personalised Harry Potter Christmas Tree Decoration Bauble

  • Lovely original and unique personalised gift for a much loved Potter fan.
  • Engraved on oak stained wood, it will add a magical touch to your tree.

Harry Potter Inspired Hogwarts Crest Christmas Decoration

No products found.

Beautiful handmade Harry Potter silver Hogwarts crest Christmas decoration with a matching silver ribbon to hang the crest from the Christmas tree or around the home.

Harry Potter Inspired Time Turner Christmas Decoration

No products found.

Beautiful handmade Harry Potter golden time turner Christmas decoration with a matching gold ribbon to hang the charm from the Christmas tree or around the home.

Harry Potter Wooden Decorations – Set of 5

  • Laser cut, hand-painted, wooden decorations can be personalised with any name.
  • A perfect gift for children and adult Potter fans too.

Harry Potter Handmade Origami Decorations – Set of 6

Why not make your tree look extra special this year with these handmade origami star ornaments?

  • Made with paper taken from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, with metallic thread to hang it up.
  • Each pack comes with 6 stars in 2 sizes: 2.5inches and 2 inches (diameter)

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