50+ Homemade Christmas Ornaments

In this post I’ll show you 50+ wonderful Christmas ornaments that you can make at home.

Guaranteed you’ll love making these with your little ones, they are fun and easy.

At the end of the post we’ve got links to 100s more Christmas craft ideas.

Let’s get started!

1. Lightbulb Snowman

Snowman Ornament

Info: allyou.com

2. Ombre

Ombre Ornaments

Info: Ambrosia Girl

3. Felt Material

Felt Ornaments

Info: The Purl Bee

4. Clay

Clay Ornaments

Info: A Beautiful Mess

5. Twiggy Pairs of Skates

Twiggy Pairs of Skates

Info: Michele Made Me

6. Paper Ball

Paper Ball Ornament

Info: Bead & Cord

7. Personalized Baubles

Personalized Baubles

Info: agutandabutt.com

8. Toilet Roll Star

Toilet Roll Star

Info: Love of Family and Home

9. Cupcakes


Info: 4 You With Love

10. Ribbon Candy

Ribbon Candy Ornaments

Info: Wild Olive

11. Chocolate Bauble

Chocolate Bauble

Info: Sweet Something Design

12. Candy Cane

Candy Cane Ornament

Info: Simply Kelly Designs

13. Personalized Scrabble


Info: Christmas Your Way

14. Button Bauble

Button Bauble

Info: Live Love DIY

15. Beaded Star Ornament

Beaded Star Ornament

Info: Untrained Housewife

16. Decoupage Baubles

Paper Mache

Info: Shneider Peeps

17. Feathers


Info: Green Eggs & Goats

18. Grapevine Snowman

Grapevine Snowman Ornament

Info: Uncommon Designs Online

19. Blown Egg

Egg Ornament

Info: The Free Range Life

20. Decorated Hand Baubles

Info: Meg Duerksen

Some tips for this one:

  • You can use any glass ball ornament
  • Do it one child at a time!
  • Start by painting the hand with regular craft paint
  • Then put the bauble in the middle of their flat palm with their fingers out
  • Get them to slowly close their hand to get an entire hand print
  • Then slowly take their hands off and put it somewhere to dry
  • You can use a market to add faces, and felt for scarves and hats
  • Get them to write their name and date on it

21. Felt Gingerbread Ornaments

Felt Gingerbread Ornaments

Info: Do Small Things With Love

22. Popcorn Glass Ball Ornament

Popcorn Glass Ball Ornament

Info: Crafts a la Mode

23. Magic Snowflake Ornament

Magic Snowflake Prnament

Info: Searching 4 Savings

24. Cardboard Star

Cradboard Star Ornament

Info: Minted Strawberry

25. Snowman


Info: House of Joyful Noise

26. Pearl Ornament

Pearl Ornament

Info: Craftionary

27. Disco Ball Bauble

Disco Ball Ornament

Info: Live Love DIY

28. Old CD Baubles

Old CD Baubles

Info: Creme de la Craft

29. Christmas List Ornament

Christmas List Ornament

Info: Honeybear Lane

30. Marker Decorated Bauble

Marker Colored Bauble

Info: Ideas & Inspiration

31. Salt and Pepper Shaker Ornaments

Salt and Pepper Shaker Ornaments

Info: Mich L. in LA

32. Snowflake Decor

Snowflake Decor

Info: Vicki O’Dell

33. Origami Box Ornaments

Origami Box Ornaments

Info: Creature Comforts

34. Melted Snowman Bauble

Melted Snowman Bauble

Info: Cheryl Fennessey Kelliher on Pinterest

35. Popsicle Stick Tree Ornament

Popsicle Stick Tree Ornament

Info: Thrifty Fun

36. Crayon Melt Ornaments

Crayon Melt Ornaments

Info: Swell Designer

37. Painted Swirl Ornament

Painted Swirl Ornament

Info: Holiday Crafts and Creations

38. Rit Dye Embroidery Hoop Ornaments

Rit Dye Embroidery Hoop Ornaments

Info: Mod Podge Rocks

39. Paper Ornaments

Paper Ornaments

Info: Held & Lykke

 40. No Sew Felt Pine Cone

Info: The Magic Onions

41. Music Bauble

Music Bauble

Info: Happy Go Lucky

42. Book Page Ornaments

Book Page Ornaments

Info: The Crafted Sparrow

43. Bunting Ornament

Bunting Ornament

Info: Sugar Bee Crafts

44. Paper Straw Snowflakes

Paper Straw Snowflakes

Info: Echos of Laughter

45. Hot Glue Glitter Snowflakes

Hot Glue Glitter Snowflakes

Info: Pitter & Glink

46. Christmas Cats


Info: Spoonful

47. Pipecleaner Snowflake

Pipecleaner Snowflake

Info: Martha Stewart

48. Felt Tree Ornaments

Felt Tree Ornaments

Info: One Arty Mama

49. Geometric Snowflake

Geometric Snowflake

Info: vivere a piedi nudi

50. Yarn Ball

Yarn Ball Ornaments

Info: Petals to Picots

51. Thumbprint Reindeer Ornament

Info: LittleBitFunky

Phew! We hope you enjoyed our gallery of 50 homemade Christmas ornaments.

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