16 Easy Christmas Crafts

In this post I’ll show you loads of amazing Christmas crafts you can make with the kids.

I can guarantee they (and you!) will enjoy making these. 

Let’s get started!

Fingerprint Christmas Lights

So cute and this idea can be used for Christmas cards, gift tags, anything really.

It’s also extremely cheap to do using any paints you have spare.

More info: Crafty Morning

Candy Cane Vase

Candy Cane vase

Photo by Redcorn Studios

This is a very easy and festive way to not only decorate your house, but is also perfect for table decor!

If you already have a flowering plant, you can spice it up with this candy cane addition.

All you need is a vase, candy canes, tape or rubber bands and holiday ribbon.

Almond Bird Christmas Ornament

Almond Bird Ornaments

Info Here: BHG.com

Cute and simple, these little birdies will add a little accent to your Christmas tree decor!

Christmas Ball Wreath


Photos by happy_serendipity

This is a great idea for all those unused or worn decorations.

If you have glitter, you can add some new life to them, then, attach to a Styrofoam wreath with hot glue or paper clips.

Finish it off with a nice ribbon to hang it on your door.

Yarn Ornaments

Yarn Tree Ornaments

Info Here: Decora Recicla Imagina

Lovely idea to use bright coloured yarn and a little imagination to create these lovely ornaments.

Winter Jars

Christmas Jars

Info Here: A Bit of Sunshine

These apothecary jars are a lovely way to decorate the house and the possibilities of what to add inside are endless!

Baby Food Jar Snow Globes

Snow Globes

Info Here: Craftaholics Anonymous

These wonderful snow globes are a great way to recycle those small jars from baby food.

You can also use larger jars with bigger scenes inside.

Tin Can Snowman


Info Here: Practically Functional

Another reuse from things you already have in your home, tin cans!

Grab some paint and details, and voila: you’ve got a snowman!

Felt & Candy Cane Mice


Info Here: Mom on Timeout

What a lovely way to add a little cuteness to a candy cane!

You can experiment with colours of material, will be a fun craft time with the children.

Yarn Ornaments

Yarn Star

Info Here: Live Laugh Rowe

Have a little yarn left over from a project? Have a lot of yarn left over from a project you never got around to?

This lovely idea will give that yarn a new life by turning it in to ornaments!

You can make stars, snowmen, reindeer, all you need is a few items and imagination!

Wire & Bead Ornaments

Bead Ornaments

Info Here: Our Everyday Art

These are fantastic with all sorts of beads and will keep the kids occupied for hours!

Toilet Roll Tree

Toilet Roll Tree

Info Here: Outnumbered by Kids

There’s plenty of time to save up all those toilet rolls for this little project!

The kids will have so much fun painting and decorating the tree!

Gnome Pine Cone Ornaments

Gnome Pine Cones

Info Here: BHG.com

Cute and fun idea for using pine cones to add a little variety to your ornaments!

Rolo Snowman & Santa

Rolo Snowmen

Info Here: smsread.com

Wrap up your children’s (and your) favourite sweets in wrapping paper, decorate it and make Santa or a Snowman, then hang it on the tree!

Through the holiday season, you’ll always have some chocolates to snack on in the Christmas tree.

Cootie Shapes Wreath

Info Here: BHG.com

If you have some cookie forms to spare, this wreath is for you!

You can colour the shapes and use certain moulds, to create this lovely and original wreath!

Santa Lego Land

Lego XMas

Info Here: Lego Education UK

Kids love Lego? Why not incorporate it in creating a festive Christmas Tree?

3D Noodle Christmas Trees

All you need is cardboard, cone, glue and some noodles.

More info

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