50 Fantastic Christmas Cake Ideas

The only inspiration you need to make your best Christmas cake. Browse our gallery of 50 brilliant and creative Christmas cake ideas. Here they are…

1. Cross Stitch Embroidery

Cross Stitch Embroidery Cake

Source: Sanne Graag on Pinterest

2. Christmas Ribbon Candy

Christmas Ribbon Candy Ruffle Cake

Source: Bakingdom

3. Down the Chimney

Down the Chimney

Source: Cake Central

4. Jolly Snowman

Jolly Snowman

Source: Cake Central

5. Chocolate Pines

Chocolate Pines

Source: Chilli Jilli on Pinterest

6. Festive Present

Festive Present

Source: Sharon Duke on Pinterest

7. Melted Snowman

Melted Snowman

Source: Simply Divine Creation

8. Totem Pole

Totem Pole

Source: Cakes Decor

9. Festive Eggnog

Eggnog Christmas Cake

Source: Bakingdom

10. Santa on the Piano

Santa on the Piano

Source: Chef Talk

11. Reindeer


Source: Glazur Shop on Pinterest

12. Lace and Baubles

Lace and Baubles

Source: Cake Central

13. Peppermint Crunch Coconut

Peppermint Crunch Coconut

Source: Kristina on Pinterest

14. Santa’s Sleigh

Santa's Sleigh

Source: Sugar Sweet

15. Snowflakes


Source: Cake Central

16. Pastel Winter Scene

Pastel Winter Scene

Source: Henriette Van Mierlo on Pinterest

17. Gingerbread Cookie

Gingerbreadman Cake

Source: Sandra Boender on Pinterest

18. Red Baubles

Red Baubles

Source: Cake Central

19. Snowman Christmas Cake

Snowman Christmas Cake

Source: Sue Gould on Pinterest

20. Green Bow Present

Green Bow Present

Source: Imelda Parrenas on Pinterest

21. Candies & Snowflakes

Candies & Snowflakes

Source: Claudia Cedano on Pinterest

22. Festive Hello Kitty

Festive Hello Kitty

Source: Cake Central

23. Festive Cake

Festive Cake

Source: Imelda Parrenas on Pinterest

24. Christmas Babubles

Christmas Babuble

Source: Stylish Eve

25. North Pole Cake

North Pole Cake

Source: Ximena Arriagada on Pinterest

26. Whimsical


Source: Rhiannon Hastings on Pinterest

27. Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree

Source: Stylish Eve

28. Winter Slopes

Winter Slopes

Source: Purfle & Taffeta

29. Candle Cake

Candle Cake

Source: Aleisha on Pinterest

30. Gingerbread Man and Candy Swirls

Gingerbread Man and Candy Swirls

Source: Stylish Eve

31. Mr. and Mrs. Claus

Mr and Mrs Claus

Source: Mary Knepper on Pinterest

32. Winter Scene

Winter Scene

Source: Mat på Bordet

33. Snowmen


Source: Raspberri Cupcakes

34. Snowman Box

Snowman Box

Source: Cake Central

35. Winter Birdies

Winter Birdies Cake

Source: Christy Seguin on Pinterest

36. Happy Snowman

Happy Snowman

Source: Cakes Decor

37. Santa Globe

Santa Globe

Source: Cake Central

38. Three Little Snowmen

Three Little Snowmen

Source: Cake Central

39. Polar Bear

Polar Bear

Source: Stylish Eve

40. Holly Wreath

Holly Wreath

Source: Stylish Eve

41. Frosty the Snowman

Frosty the Snowman

Source: Cake Central

42. Bundt Cake, Cupcake and Tea Cup

Bundt Cupcake and Tea Cup

Source: Cake Central

43. Let It Snow Mug

Let It Snow Mug

Source: Laura Evans on Pinterest

44. Cute Polar Bear

Cute Polar Bear

Source: Cake Central

45. Hot tub Santa

Hottub Santa

Source: Tessi C on Pinterest

46. Under the Tree

Under the Tree

Source: Dad Makes Cakes

 47. Quilled Snowflakes

Quilled Snowflakes

Source: Cakes Decor

48. Presents Around the Tree

Presents Around the Tree

Source: Cakes Decor

49. Tartan Reindeer

Plaid Reindeer

Source: Karen Bond

50. Birdies


Source: Beth Russell on Pinterest

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