10 Best Kids Waterproof Gloves in 2021

For this post, I have put together a collection of the best kids waterproof gloves currently available. For more outdoor clothing see my other top picks for childrens waterproofs.

Our Top Pick

My personal favourites are the Azarxis Kids Snow Gloves as they are lightweight and moisture-wicking, but still have soft, warm fleece inside to keep little hands warm

Best Kids Waterproof Gloves
Best Kids Waterproof Gloves

Keep little hands dry and warm, with our top picks of the best kids waterproof gloves.

We’ve chosen styles which are suitable for various outdoor activities from skiing and playing in the snow, to playing ball games.

Here are my top 10 picks!

Trespass Kids Ruri II Snow Gloves

  • Unisex kids gloves which can be worn during the colder months to keep their little fingers warm and cosy.
  • Crafted using a water resistant fabric, these gloves will provide some protection against dampness.
  • Lightly padded, they also offer insulation helping to keep the interior warm and dry.
  • Fitted with an inner knitted glove, for added comfort.
  • With an adjustable wrist strap which helps them to stay on securely as well as keep drafts at bay.
  • Plastic clips allow them to attach each glove together to avoid misplacing one. 
  • Excellent 4.5/5 star rating based on 101 customer reviews.

Azarxis Kids Snow Gloves

  • Anti-slip soft PU gloves. Snow-proof but breathable.
  • The high-quality cold weather guard insulation with thick fleece inside and cuff.
  • Lightweight and moisture-wicking to keep hands warm and dry.
  • Elastic wrists for easy wear.
  • Adjustable wristband prevents cold air getting in and keeps hands warm all day long.
  • The outer shell fabric is water resistant.
  • Ideal for walking, riding, skiing, snowboarding and more.
  • Excellent 4.3/5 star rating based on 432 customer reviews.

VBIGER Kids Ski Gloves

No products found.

  • Splash-proof gloves which protect kids hands against rain and snow.
  • Ideal for outdoor activities like skiing and skating.
  • Soft cotton interlayer and thick fleece lining ensure maximum warmth.
  • Designed with abrasion-resistant PU leather on the palm to add friction and make them non-slip.
  • With elasticated cuffs and adjustable buckles for snug fit.
  • Reflective strip and safe hook buckle to provide better visibility in the dark.
  • Excellent 4.5/5 star rating based on 811 customer reviews.

OGLOVE Waterproof Thermal Sports Gloves for Kids

  • Waterproof and windproof gloves.
  • Touchscreen sensitive fingertips so you can use smartphone.
  • Waterproof even in heavy rain.
  • Protects your hands from cutting wind and freezing rain.
  • Multi-sport versatility. 
  • Excellent 4.7/5 star rating based on 394 customer reviews.

VBIGER Kids Ski Gloves Ski Mittens

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  • Water repellent gloves which protect your kid’s hands against rain and snow.
  • Perfect for skiing, skating and other outdoor sports in rainy and snowy conditions.
  • With soft cotton interlayer and thick fleece lining for warmth.
  • Coated with tear-resistant PU leather on palm, which provides added friction.
  • Elastic wrist strap and adjustable cuff to stop drafts.
  • Reflective strip for good visibility in the dark. 
  • Excellent 4.6/5 star rating based on 597 customer reviews.

7-Mi Kids Winter Waterproof Warm Gloves

  • Adjustable straps for the perfect fit and to lock in warmth.
  • Quick link makes it easy to snap the mittens together or to coat to avoid loosing them.
  • Tough grip palms are great for skiing, snowboarding, sledding and any winter sports.
  • Integrated waterproof membrane prevents snow and water from seeping through the seams.
  • Excellent 4.4/5 star rating based on 352 customer reviews.

The North Face Children’s Youth Etip Gloves

  • Made of stretchy material which will keep kids hands in a relaxed position.

  • Etip functionality allows wearer to use touchscreen devices without taking the gloves off.

  • Four-way stretch fleece for warmth and comfort

  • Machine washable

  • Excellent 4.6/5 star rating based on 67 customer reviews.

Mountain Warehouse Kids Ski Gloves

  • Snow proof gloves treated with durable water repellent coating.
  • Fleece lining for extra warm and comfort.
  • Stretch cuff for a comfortable and secure fit.
  • Textured palms for improved grip.
  • Handy clips to keep gloves together or to clip to coat.

Keepdry 500 Gloves

  • Made from thick and warm material with fleece lining.
  • Grip zones on the palm to make ball handling easier. Ideal for football in the cold weather.
  • Customer feedback says they are comfortable to wear.

Waterproof Fleece-Lined Mittens

  • Fully waterproof mittens for kids.
  • Fleece lined for warmth.
  • Extra long guards to wear under jacket cuffs and to stop small kids pulling them off.
  • Elasticated wrists with adjustable strap.
  • Mitten clips that easily attach to jackets and all-in-ones. Can clip together when not in use.

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What To Consider When Buying Kids Waterproof Gloves

Protection From The Elements

Make sure the gloves you choose are made of materials that have high insulating or thermal properties so they keep their hands warm in the cold weather.

They need to be waterproof so that they keep their hands completely dry even when they play in the snow or take part in winter sports such as skiing.

Are They Breathable?

Most waterproof coatings reduce the breathability of gloves, causing the hands to sweat and feel uncomfortable, so check that there is some breathability to them for comfort.

Are They Durable?

You want the gloves to be durable and not fall apart after one use, so make sure you choose quality well-made gloves which are made of materials which will stand the test of time.


Kids are going to want gloves which are stylish and well designed. Why not choose a pair which your kids will love to wear. If they prefer mittens opt for these or if they prefer fingers in the gloves let them make the decision so they are more likely to wear them. There are different options including a mixture of both mittens and gloves so choose which work best for your child.


Make sure the gloves are neither too big or too small. Kids want to feel comfortable and not restricted.

I hope this list of the best kids waterproof gloves was helpful.

If you think I left any out that should be included or have a suggestion for a future article, let me know in the comments below.


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