19 Best World Map Posters In 2022

For this post, I have put together a collection of the best world map posters currently available.

Are you looking for the perfect world map poster to hang on your wall at home? Or, maybe it’s for your school or office?

We’ve searched the market to bring you the best world map posters from educational to vintage style maps or from kids maps to stylised ones. We’ve got it covered!

Let’s get started!

Best World Map Posters
Best World Map Posters

Best Large World Map Posters

Huge Classic World Map Political Poster

  • This vintage style political map features classic muted-coloured countries shaded in different tones, country boundaries and cities.
  • It is laminated on the front so you can write on it with a white board pen and it can be wiped clean.
  • It’s extra large at 197cm (w) x 116.5cm (h) so ideal for a large wall.

Huge World Map – Political

  • This political map of the world features coloured countries, clear towns and cities, and the world map is finished with hill and sea shading.
  • It is laminated on the front so you can write on it with a white board pen and it can be wiped clean.
  • It’s extra large at 197cm (w) x 116.5cm (h) so again, is ideal for a large wall.

Best Vintage Style World Map Posters

National Geographic World Executive Wall Map – Antique Style

  • This map comes in muted Antique colours and it’s printed on polypropylene for rich, clear colour and legibility.
  • This map has been recently updated to show correct country and other place names.

GREAT ART Poster – World Map

  • Vintage style world map poster which is ideal for cartography and geography enthusiasts.
  • You will also receive an XXL poster of the New York Skyline for free with this purchase.

Captain Cook 1799 Large Vintage World Map Poster

  • See the world as Captain Cook saw it in the 18th century.
  • This 1799 replica antique world map is made of canvas so durable and won’t tear easily.
  • Old world decor would complement a living room, study, library or bedroom nicely.

Best Childrens World Map Posters

Collins Children’s World Map

  • Illustrated pictorial map in bright colours which shows countries and capital cities.
  • With illustrations which show national emblems, food, animals and more to help kids gain an understanding of countries from all around the world.

Glow in the Dark – Children’s World Wall Map Poster

  • This world map glows in the dark.
  • Ideal for a child’s bedroom it is a fun and educational tool, as well as providing a welcome distraction for those that might be scared of the dark.
  • It will charge during the day by absorbing the light that filters into the room.
  • The illusionary map contours magically appears at night and is visible only when the room is completely dark.
  • This world map will glow for approximately 12 hours whilst in the dark.

Wall Pops WPE0624 Kids World Dry Erase Map

  • This self adhesive world map is designed with kids in mind.
  • It has fun graphics and easy to read tags.
  • The map is ready to stick to any wall and won’t leave a sticky residue.

Best Educational World Map Posters

GB Eye Limited World Map Political Classroom Educational Poster

  • This high quality world map poster is suitable for framing.
  • The poster offers affordable choice for a world map poster.

Rand McNally Signature World Wall Map

  • This map features eye-catching bold and vivid colours that make this the perfect reference piece sure to stand out in any home, classroom or office.
  • The precise detail and digital accuracy shows colour-matching relief and other physical features without sacrificing the maps readability.

Best Scratch Off World Map Posters

Scratch the World® Travel Map

  • Scratch off your travel destinations and reveal a colourful, detailed political world map underneath.
  • This huge world map has outlines on the gold coating and details on the map underneath.
  • Updated in 2019, it features countries, cities, hill shading and state outlines on both scratch coating and on mapping underneath.

Deluxe Large Scratchable World Map

  • Printed on thick laminated paper, covered with golden metallic scratch layer.
  • Just use a coin to remove the gold scratch off coating and reveal the countries you have been to.
  • More than 10 thousand places and cities, 11 major countries are divided into regions and states.
  • Ideal as a gift for someone who loves to travel.

Scratch Off Map of The World – Deluxe Travel Map

  • This map features vibrant colours on a classy matte black design, accurate cartographic details of the terrain, country flags and landmarks.
  • Printed on thick 220GSM paper and protected with laminated finishing.
  • Scratch off the flags to reveal the flag colours of the countries you’ve visited.

Best Black & White World Map Posters

Black and White World Map Unique Design Poster Print Traveller

  • This map looks cool in black and white and is good quality.
  • Buyers recommend trying not to touch it too much as it does show finger prints.

Large A1 White & Black Map of the World

  • Beautiful decorative map of the world, printed on a high quality 250gsm paper with superior print colours that last.
  • Accurate with all the latest political changes.

Best Stylised World Map Posters

Juniqe® Posters 20x30cm World Maps

  • Beautifully painted watercolour printed poster of the world map
  • Designed with love and attention to detail.
  • Ideal to frame and put in a hallway or living room.

World Map – Text Poster Print

  • This map of the world is made up of text, with all of the country names fitted inside the shape of the countries.
  • Ideal for a hallway or waiting room as will give the viewer something to focus on and read.

Best Push Pin Map Posters

Epic Adventure Maps Push Pin World Map Poster

  • Keep track of your travels with this  push pin world map.
  • Place a pushpin on the map every time you travel to a new country.
  • Comes with multi-coloured pushpins.
  • Map is made of a thick professional grade quality card stock paper to ensure it will last.

Wall World map XXL – Including 12 Marker Flags

  • This map comes with 12 supplied marking flags to highlight all the places you have already visited.
  • The base of the map is made of cork, which allows you to place the marking flags as desired.
  • The edge is made of plastic.

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