10 Best Double Bunk Beds In 2022

For this post, I have put together a collection of the best double bunk beds currently available. You may also be interested to see my top recommendations for triple bunk beds or browse all my guides on children beds.

Our Top Pick

My personal favourite is the Happy Beds Domino Children’s Bunk Bed because it looks fantastic, it stands out with its sturdy construction, is available in 5 finishes, is loved by parents and a particularly well thought out ladder design. For a more budget friendly option the Mecor Triple sleeper is an excellent choice – great value, very strong for both adults/children and receives fantastic reviews.

Best Double Bunk Beds
Best Double Bunk Beds

Double Bunk Beds are an excellent option for children who have lots of sleepovers or for two siblings.

This type of bunk bed features a twin or double bed at the bottom with a single bed at the top. They are also commonly referred to as triple bunk beds.

The bigger lower bunk allows plenty of space for an older child and usually has plenty of under bed storage. The top bunk can either then be used for a younger child or for a friend sleeping over.

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So here’s my pick of the 10 best double bunk beds. Enjoy!

Ikea Svärta

  • Svärta is a good compact double bunk bed from IKEA.
  • Modern, minimal look.
  • Ideal option for smaller rooms.
  • Ladder can be attached to the left or right of the bed.
  • Features high safety guard rails at the top.
  • Well reviewed by parents scoring 4 out of 5.
  • Versatile options in that you can replace the bottom bunk with a desk at a later stage.

Happy Beds Atlantis White Bunk Bed

  • Available in grey, pine or white.
  • Very well reviewed with 84% of parents scoring this 4 stars or above.
  • High quality bed and very sturdy.
  • Made from pine wood and is straightforward to assemble.
  • Can be split into two 3FT single beds.

Happy Beds Domino Children’s Bunk Bed

  • Stylish contemporary bed that is available in a range of colours: grey oak, grey, maple & white, oak and white.
  • Excellent reviews – from over 300 reviews 86% of buyers gave this four stars or above.
  • Extremely solid construction.
  • Solid wooden slatted base for additional comfort and longer mattress life
  • Built in storage shelves on both beds.
  • Unlike many the ladder is comfortable to club with wide steps and rail.
  • Luminous stripes on each step that glow in the dark.

Argos Home Kaycie Triple Bunk Bed -White

  • Minimalist Scandi style bed made from solid wood with a white painted finish.
  • Features a sloping ladder with foot-friendly flat rungs for comfort. Can be placed at either end of the bed to suit the room.
  • Plenty of room underneath for storage.
  • Assembly at home requires two people.
  • Parents are pleased with the value and level of sturdiness.

Chatham Double Bunk Bed for Kids or Adults – Just Kids

  • Solid and sturdy bed, made from solid Scandinavian pine with a natural pine finish
  • Minimal look but does everything right when it comes to practicality and durability.
  • Parents rate this bed very highly, scoring 4.5 from 62 reviews.
  • Has the added benefit of being able to securely sleep adults.
  • Excellent value for money.
  • You can choose from a number of sizes to suit your needs and the layout of your child’s room: Small single, single, small double or double.
  • Manufactured in England.
  • Built-in ladder can be positioned left or right.

Oslo White Wooden Double Bunk Bed – Happy Beds

  • Larger, spacious option that fits two small double beds.
  • You have the option to split this into two separate beds.
  • Perfect option for sleepovers as will sleep four.
  • Modern, clean look with white exterior.
  • Parents rate this bed highly with its build quality and stability.

Noa and Nani – Kent Triple Bunk Bed with Single and Double Bed in Classic White

  • Excellent triple sleeper features a standard double with a standard single bed up top.
  • Made from solid pine and finished in a smooth classic white finish.
  • Simple to assemble taking around 2 hours if you’re decent at DIY.
  • Minimal design means that although it takes up room it is not overbearing in a room.
  • Parents love the build quality and value for money.
  • Features a sloping ladder at a comfortable angle.
  • The double bed is a hit with bigger kids, as there’s room to stretch out and also sit up and read.

You can also compare price and availability at Noa and Nani.

Mecor Triple Sleeper Beds for Adult and Children

  • Aesthetically not as pleasing as many of the others this is a very reasonably priced bed for those on a budget.
  • It is very strong so is suitable for both adults and children.
  • Three quarters of buyers rate this at least 4 or higher out of five.
  • Available in silver, white and black colours.
  • The metal steel provides for a very stable bed base.

Angelynn Bunk Bed with Drawers

  • The Angelynn bunk bed features a single top bunk and a bottom double bed.
  • Angled built-in ladder makes for a straightforward climb.
  • Two under-bed drawers provide plenty of useful storage space.
  • Very well reviewed bed with parents scoring this 4.6/5 from over 100 reviews.
  • Available in grey or white.
  • Easy to follow instructions, simple to assemble, will require two people.

Panana Metal Double Bunk Bed

  • Available in black, silver or white
  • Simple, no frills and excellent value for money.
  • Suitable for small children, teenagers and adults.
  • Can be split into single beds.
  • Built with premium silver finish solid steel in a sturdy design of construction
  • Well reviewed by parents at 4 out of 5 or above.
  • Very simple to assemble.

I hope this list of the best double bunk beds was helpful.

If you think I left out one that is important or have a suggestion for a future article, let me know in the comments below.


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