10 Best Ice Lolly Moulds In 2022

For this post, I have put together a collection of the best ice lolly moulds available. See our kitchen essentials buyer’s guides.

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Best Ice Lolly Moulds

There is nothing more refreshing than an ice lolly on a hot summers day! Making your own at home is great, especially for kids, as you know exactly what is going into them and they don’t tend to contain much sugar either.

There are plenty of ice lolly moulds available from small to large, for babies and kids and in many shapes and sizes. We’ve selected our favourites, all of which have excellent 4-5 star ratings and buyers reviews.

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So here is our list of the the best ice lolly moulds.

iNeibo Kitchen Silicone Popsicle Moulds

  • This pack of 10 silicone popsicle moulds are great for making healthy ice lollies for the kids.
  • The soft moulds make it easy for the lolly to slide out and kids can hold the mould while they eat their lolly.
  • The lids are leak free and the moulds come in a variety of bright colours so can be used for parties.
  • Because you can make as many or as few as you like, you won’t have trouble fitting these into your freezer either.
  • Great reviews. From 1,715 ratings 73% of buyers gave this 5/5 stars.

NUK Mini Baby Ice Lolly Moulds

  • These lolly moulds have been made in partnership with Annabel Karmel for soothing babies sore gums during teething.
  • Featuring easy to hold handles specifically designed for small hands, this set is great for making fresh fruit lollies from pureed fruit and pure fruit juice.
  • Suitable for six months and over.
  • Makes four lollies.
  • Very good reviews. From 1,951 ratings 73% of buyers gave this 5/5 stars.

Nuovoware Ice Pop Moulds With Wooden Sticks

  • Make up to 10 lollies at once with this silicone mould with lid.
  • The set includes 100 wooden lolly sticks which can be placed into the lolly mould and be held in place with the multi-functional lid.
  • Create your own traditional style lolly on a stick.
  • Good reviews. From 817 ratings 86% of buyers gave this 4-5 stars.

Lamapee Silicone Ice Lolly Moulds

  • This set includes two moulds which makes funky lollies or ice creams in the shapes of a heart, paw, pineapple, watermelon slice and strawberry.
  • Set comes with reusable sticks.
  • Made of premium food grade silicone, BPA-free , eco friendly and kid safe.
  • Makes five lollies.
  • Very good reviews. From 254 ratings 71% of buyers gave this 5/5 stars.

Lékué Ice Lolly Moulds Stackable

  • Limited on freezer space? These stackable moulds are ideal for saving on space.
  • The lid will protect lolly from smells.
  • The set comes with recipe ideas and a reusable stick for each mould.
  • The horizontal position allows for easier filling and storing.
  • Makes four lollies.
  • Great reviews. From 3,348 ratings 71% of buyers gave this 5/5 stars.

Eddingtons Rocket Ice Lolly Moulds

  • For a touch of nostalgia, 80s kids will love these rocket-shaped lolly moulds.
  • Make your own retro treats whenever you like.
  • The lolly mould comes with a base which sits in the freezer. Once set your lollies can be taken off the base and stored separately in the freezer to take up less space.
  • Makes six lollies.
  • Good reviews. From 18 ratings 71% of buyers gave this 4-5 stars.

Zoku Slow Pops

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  • Use the 9 mould set to make cute little lollies for a kids tea party.
  • The reusable pop sticks have ridged designs that allow pops to adhere securely and they also have drip guards.
  • Also available in different shapes and sizes including 6 and 4.
  • Brilliant reviews. From 1,356 ratings 84% of buyers gave this 5/5 stars.

Rex London Bonnie The Bunny Ice Lolly Mould

  • Make fun lollies with this quirky bunny mould.
  • Kids and toddlers will love the bunny shaped ears as handles.
  • Made from BPA-Free plastic and reusable.
  • Makes six lollies.
  • Very good reviews. From 130 ratings 81% of buyers gave this 4-5 stars.

KitchenCraft Ice Lolly Maker

  • You won’t have to save these umbrella lollies for a rainy day!
  • The quirky mould allows you to make umbrella shaped lollies, which kids will love.
  • Each set includes 6 ice lolly makers in a plastic tray.
  • BPA free, dishwasher safe, and 100% reusable.
  • Good reviews. From 272 ratings 62% of buyers gave this 5/5 stars.

Nuby Fruitsicles Frozen Puree Moulds

  • Perfectly shaped for small hands with a clever design catches any drips.
  • Can be used for teething babies to help sooth gums.
  • Each pack includes 4 moulds with handles and freezer tray.
  • Suitable for six months and over.
  • Excellent reviews. From 4,561 ratings 76% of buyers gave this 5/5 stars.

FAQ’s Ice Lolly Moulds

What Can I Use Instead Of An Ice Lolly Mould To Make Lollies At Home?

Ice lolly moulds are inexpensive and come in a variety of shapes and styles, but if you don’t have one and want to make lollies at home, then you could try using plastic cups or wine glasses, cake tins, ice cube trays and bags or empty yoghurt pots.

What Can I Put In My Ice Lolly Moulds?

The list is endless. Apart from fruit juices and squash, you can also use milk, smoothies, yoghurt, fruit, water, milkshake, lemonade, alcohol based lollies such as Pimms or G&T. Get creative and have fun experimenting.

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I hope this list of the best ice lolly moulds was helpful.

If you think I left any out that should be included or have a suggestion for a future article, let me know in the comments below.


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