Flash Speed Mop (Review & Compare Prices) 2022

The flash speed mop is an extremely popular bit of cleaning kit.

The price of it varies widely. Use the price comparison below to get the best deal on the Flash Speedmop Starter Kit.

Here’s the price comparison for the Flash Power Mop:

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What is the Flash Speed Mop?

The basic idea of the flash speed mop is to avoid you having to get on your hands and knees to remove persistent floor stains.

You attach supplied wet cloths to the speed mop and away you go.

There’s a lot of cleaning solution on the wet cloths. It promises that bits of dirt will get caught within the mop so you’re not just brushing it from one place on the floor to the other!

To get stubborn bits of dirt off the floor you can tip the mop head over for a part that scrapes these bits off.

Flash Speed Mop Review

Here’s a review from Simon King of Clean. He gives it a very positive review saying it’s quick, easy and simple to use.

Where To Buy The Flash Speed Mop

The prices of the flash speed mop varies greatly across many different retailers, from £10 to £20. I’ve provided links below so you can check the latest price.

Please click through and double check pricing as these may change before we can update this page.

What’s the Flash Speed Mop Starter Kit?

This is simply the mop itself with wipes.

Flash Speed Mop Asda

As of October 2020 ASDA are the cheapest selling the speed mop starter kit for £10.

Click here to check today’s price at ASDA

The flash speed mop has received 50+ reviews with an average score of 4.5/5.

Flash Speed Mop Tesco

Unfortunately we can’t see the speed mop currently stocked at Tesco.

Flash Speed Mop Sainsbury’s

Click here to check today’s price at Sainsbury’s

The flash speed mop has received 2,292 reviews with an average score of 4.5/5.

Flash Speed Mop Argos

Unfortunately we can’t see the speed mop currently stocked at Argos.

Flash Speed Mop Wilko

Click here to check today’s price at Wilko

The flash speed mop has received 1,146 reviews with an average score of 4.6/5.

Flash Speed Mop Amazon

Discount - Save £2.00
Flash Speedmop Starter Kit
Amazon have not historically been the cheapest place to buy this mop but prices can change!

The flash speed mop has received 1,481 reviews with an average score of 4.5/5.

Flash Speed Mop Refills

Flash Speedmop Wet Cloth Refills
96 Cloths, Pack of 4 (4 x 24 Cloths)

Apart from Amazon you can get the speedmop refills from many other retailers and in smaller packs.

Wilko – Check Prices

ASDA – Check Prices

Home Bargains – Check Prices

Sainsbury’s – Check Prices

Flash Mop Features & Benefits

Traps & locks dirt and grime

The Flash Speedmop’s Trap + Lock technology dissolves dirt and grime, trapping them in its core and locking them away for good.

Built-in scrubby strip

Flash Speedmop textured wet cloths feature a scrubbing strip and are 2x thicker & wetter than floor wipes. Perfect for removing tough, stuck-on grime without any additional sprays or liquids.

Safe on all floors

Versatile enough to use on ceramic, vinyl, wood, and other hard floor surfaces.

360-degree clean

The Flash Speedmop’s swivel head twists and turns so you can get into every nook and cranny. It reaches those tough-to-reach spots, so you don’t have to.

How To Use The Flash Speed Mop


Connect the two poles by simply “snapping” the two ends together.

Attach cloth

Place Flash Speedmop’s rubber rectangle on the opened cloth. Once centred, fold flaps back over the Flash Speedmop’s edges and secure in place by pressing the corresponding corners into the rubber locks.

Swipe to sweep

Simply glide in a swiping motion to sweep floors. After use, detach cloth for easy disposal.

A clean start with every refill

Each sweeping cloth is disposable and can be replaced conveniently with a refill, so it’s like using a brand-new Flash Speedmop every time you clean. Recycle used Wet Cloths through Terracycle, find your nearest collection point at terracycle.co.uk.

Power Mop Compared to Speed Mop

Flash Powermop StarterKitFlash Speedmop StarterKit
CleaningPowered deep clean.Quick. Easy. Hygienic.
TechnologyAbsorbs dirt and grime and locks it away in its core.Trap and locks dust and dirt.
Available in these scentsFresh ScentLemon Scent
Picks up dirt, dust & hairYesYes
Safe on all floorsYesYes
360 swivel headNoYes
RefillsAbsorbing pads / Cleaning solutionWet cloths
Recycle refill cloths through TerracycleYesYes

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