10 Best Swimming Goggles For Kids In 2022

For this post, I have put together a collection of the best swimming goggles for kids currently available. You can also see my top picks for all beach accessories and kids swimming accessories.

Best Swimming Goggles For Kids
Best Swimming Goggles For Kids

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Swimming is great exercise for kids and protecting their eyes in the water can help to stop any stinging from chlorine and salt. They are also a great idea for kids when they venture underwater as they can keep their eyes open and see where they’re going.

There are plenty of swimming goggles on the market but it is worth getting a pair which will help improve your kids swimming experience altogether. They may seem a little pricier than some, but will be re-usable year after year.

When considering which swimming goggles to buy, it’s worth looking for ones which will be comfortable for your child to wear and ones which have a good seal so don’t let water in when the kids are in the sea or the pool, especially when they are jumping and splashing around.

We take a look at the best swimming goggles on the market. Let’s get going!

Aqua Sphere Kid’s Seal 2 Regular Swimming Goggles

  • Leak-free fit swim mask for children from 3+.
  • With curved lenses for a wide field of vision in the water.
  • The curved lenses offer the clearest possible visibility without distortion.
  • The adjust buckle can be simply pulled to desired level of tension for a leak free fit.

COOLOO Kids Swimming Goggles

  • Made from high quality silicone, these goggles are latex and PVC free, which is especially recommended for your children.
  • With impact-resistant lenses, which offer anti-fog and UV protection.
  • The quick-fit buttons make the straps easily adjustable.
  • Try the various size nose bridges supplied for comfort.

Speedo Unisex Child Mariner Supreme Mirror Goggles

  • These goggle features a wide seal and strap for a comfortable and secure fit.
  • The adjustable nose bridge fits a range of face shapes and the new lens design provides excellent underwater vision.
  • The mirrored lens reduce brightness and glare.
  • Suitable for juniors aged 6-14.

Bling2o Kids Swimming Goggles – Small Bite Jawsome JR8B

  • Kids will love these cool shark design goggles.
  • They come with x2 additional adjustable nose pieces for comfortable fit.
  • 100% silicone (latex free).
  • They provide UV protection & anti fog too.
  • Suitable from age 3+.
  • Goggles come with a hard protective case.

Frogglez Swim Goggles

  • Unique design goggles with a soft fabric-covered neoprene strap which slides over long and curly hair without tangling.
  • Recommended for kids 3-6 years old with a head circumference of 15 – 18 inches.
  • Kids can see clearly underwater for hours of swimming pool fun.
  • Patented split strap keeps the silicone seal on the goggles secure and attaches to almost any kid swim goggles.
  • No leaking or fogging.

Spinosaurus Kids Swim Goggles

  • Made with a high-tech polycarbonate HD lens that is surprisingly strong and almost invisible underwater.
  • Really comfortable to wear and kids will be able to see underwater really well.
  • Anti-fog and anti-UV and double-layer lens is designed to protect against everything in the water.

aegend Kids Goggles

  • 180° wide clear vision and anti-fog lenses.
  • These goggles block harmful uv rays and protect kid’s eyes.
  • Easily adjustable straps.
  • Made from safe and odourless soft silicone, which can relieves the pressure on the skin and also create waterproof seal to safeguard children.
  • Designed for children aged 4-16 years old.

VETOKY Swimming Goggles

  • With polycarbonate lenses which are anti-fog and scratch resistant.
  • They offer UV Protection reduce glare.
  • With 3 interchangeable nose bridges for precise fit.

Zoggs Unisex-Youth Sea Demon Junior Hologram Lens Swimming Goggles

  • Fun hologram lenses with reptile eyes which provide exceptional clarity and don’t distort vision.
  • Fast and secure quick adjust system.
  • Split yoke silicone strap ensures a secure fit and reduces pressure around the eyes.
  • UV protection and anti-fog for a safer, clearer swim and longevity.
  • Suitable for children aged 6-14 years.

Cat Shaped Swimming Goggles For Kids by Bling2O

  • These cool cat shaped goggles have polarized lenses that pass stringent UV protection and safety standards.
  • Latex and lead-free.
  • Soft, flexible frame and wide non-slip head strap make these swimming goggles super comfy.
  • Kids will love the funky design.
  • UV protection and anti-fog.

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