7 Best Pop Up Toilet Tents To Give You Privacy [2020 Guide]

Like camping but hate ‘nature’ toilets? This pop up tent toilet will solve your problem. And you won’t need a degree in astrophysics to put it up (or away!)

Let’s run through some benefits and compare product options!

The see through ones are also super handy for keeping warm watching the kids sports!

Pop Up Tent Uses

These tents are super useful for lots of situations:

  • Perfect for use at camp sites or festivals
  • They even come with a netted toilet roll holder
  • A zip in the top to allow a shower tube to be poked through, perfect for that solar shower
  • Storage when camping or at festival
  • If your bathroom is being redone why not put this up in the garden for the family to shower?

You can choose to buy one with just the tent – or one with a portable loo as well.

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Budget Option, 4 colours, 4 Star reviews

Double Option, 4 Star reviews

Useful for two. Or If it’s wet, you need somewhere to store outfits & the second tent can be used & accessed from inside the first tent. The tents can be used completely independently of each other as well.

Premium Option, 4.5 Star Reviews

Pricier option but very well reviewed. Wider and taller than most single ones. Very quick to put up.

Discreet Option – Camouflage Tent

If you wish to be as discreet as possible, you can opt for a camouflage toilet tent. 

Utility / Shower Tent

The Qeedo quick to pitch tents are great. You can be up and running in 30 seconds with the snap in place poles. This is a spacious one so can be used for a mix of functions. There are drain holes in the fold away floor. Can be pricey, if they’re in stock.

Sports Pop Up Tent

The above can be used for watching games though the lack of see through material might be the best. In which case this might be an option like below. Obviously not so good for convenience breaks – hello world!

Check prices on Amazon

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Watching the Game

These tents are also perfect for keeping warm when you’re watching the game! 

Sports Tent Pop Up

UPDATE AUGUST 2020 – Many of the toilet tents are sold out given the situation we find ourselves in. See our full reviews below but here’s the top bestselling pop up toilet tents in stock (look out for SALE items)

Bestselling Toilet Tents on Amazon

Toilet Tent Accessories

Camping Toilet With Seat

If you’re going to use the tent as a loo then here’s an excellent choice of toilet.

Here are three alternatives:

Branq portable camping toilet

T his is a a single piece bucket with seat and you choose between a 15 or 22 litre option and a blue or pink colour. You can use bio degradable bags for a number two and then just empty it into a regular toilet. Excellent reviews.

Streetwize Tall Toilet

Decent option if you want something not too close to the ground. This one sits at 40cm high and you’ll need some bags to go with it. Good reviews.

Or you can get a tent toilet combo:

Portable Toilet Fluid

Why buy a particular toilet fluid?

  1. Keep your portable toilet smelling good.
  2. Helps keep them easier to clean out.
  3. Kinder to the environment than a strong chemical.
  4. Many campsites don’t allow certain strong chemicals to be flushed down their systems.

I’ve picked out three options that can be used and environmentally friendly.

Thetford’s Aqua Kem Green

Elsan Organic

Cleenly Blue / Pink

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7 Best Pop Up Toilet Tents To Give You Privacy [2020 Guide]