15 Best Camping Toilets To Help You Answer Nature’s Call

Heading to the great outdoors? It’s important to be prepared.

In this article I’ll show you the pros and cons for the best camping toilets and compare product options.

You’ll also get the lowdown on any accessories to make the camping life that bit easier.

And if you do wish to toilet the natural way I have plenty of of tips to share.

Let’s get down to business.

Why Use a Portable Toilet anyway?

  • You might be at a camp site with no toilet facilities
  • Toilet facilities might be closed (Covid 19)
  • Your pitch might be a long way away from the toilet facilites.
  • Busy toilets during peak season.
  • Toilets in a disgusting state.

Portable Camping Toilets

The following are portable toilets for camping and best suited for caravans, campervans and motorhomes.

Thetford Pota Potti 165

Pros: Very stable and comfortable considering. It’s almost as high as a normal loo. Generously sized waste tank.

Thetford Porta Potti Qube

Pros: Simple to operate with pump flush and large waste collection tank you can dispose of into a toilet. Same height as a normal toilet. Lots of models – 365 is suitable for most campers and motorhomes. 335 good for smaller vehicles and spaces.

Cons: Bulky for some. Toilet chemicals required.

Thetford Porta Potti Excellence

Pros: High quality, comfortable toilet with piston pump for flush.

Cons: Pricey, in excess of £100.

Dometic Sanipottie Portable Toilet

Pros: Dometic are a high quality brand producing great toilets and camping fridges. You choose from two different sizes. Good price around the £50 mark. Compact design and simple bellows for flushing.

The Dometic 966 is the budget option in this brand’s range.

Enders Deluxe Camping Toilet

Pros: Good price and value with excellent reviews. Space saving option.

Outwell 10 Litre Portable Toilet

Pros: Not such a popular unit as the others but very reliable with excellent reviews.

Cons: Smaller capacity with a 10l capacity.

No products found.

Camping Toilet Fluid

Why buy a particular toilet fluid or brand?

Why buy a particular toilet fluid?

  1. Keep your portable toilet smelling good.
  2. Helps keep them easier to clean out.
  3. Kinder to the environment than a strong chemical.
  4. Many campsites don’t allow certain strong chemicals to be flushed down their systems.

I’ve picked out three options that can be used and environmentally friendly.

Thetford’s Aqua Kem Green

Thetford also sell decent toilet fluid. This one is eco friendly and safe to use for septic tanks. Comes in 1.5 litre bottles and a single dose lasts for four days.

Elsan Organic

A little cheaper (as you get 2 litres) the Elsan Organic toilet fluid is biodegradable and like the Thetford brand, the liquid is free of harsh chemicals. Whenever we’ve used this one there is no chemical smell or sewage.

Cleenly Blue / Pink

A third option are these blue or pink variations from Cleenly. They are similarly priced and you get two litres. Both are eco-friendly and each bottle provides 20 treatments.

Camping Toilet Bucket

If you’re happy enough with the toilet bucket option or want to save some money over flushable portable toilet then here’s three recommended options. You can use these with biodegradable bags – I have included some suggested options below.

Branq 16L Portable Camping Toilet

16 litre bucket and seat in one. Little bit on the short side but is a sturdy option.

Streetwize Bucket Style Toilet

Quite tall so you don’t need to squat down too low. We have used this one in the past and it’s fairly comfortable for what it is.

There are even simpler options when it comes to camping toilet buckets. The following two are good options. If you go for one make sure you choose to line it with biodegradable bags – eco friendly ones recommended below.

Outwell Collapsible Bowl

Good space saving option but that does come at a cost – you’ll need to hover! 15 litres.

Whitefurze Bucket with Lid

Good budget option with excellent reviews, 14 litres.

Folding Toilets

Bog in a bag

Andes Portable Folding Toilet

Carplife Bivvy Portable Toilet

Popaloo – Portable Camping Toilet

Biodegradable Bags for Folding Camping Toilets

Depending on the type of camping loo you go for, you may well need some toilet bags.

Green Elephant Portable Toilet Bags

Heavy duty bags that are earth friendly. Plant-derived design made from vegetable oils and compostable polymers. Each bag can hold up to 30 litres. Each roll contains 15 bags.

Bivvy Loo Portable Toilet Bags

Well reviewed biodegradable bags.

Portable Urinals & Camping Toilet Bags

Here’s a couple of bag options that you can pee directly into without the need for a toilet structure around it. It’s hard to find biodegradable options so please only use these for emergencies.


An option for men, women and children to pee anytime, anyplace. Well reviewed, non-odour – turns wee into gel through absorbent powder and can hold up to 1 litre.

Travel Johns & Janes

Another bag option that is similar to the Peebol. Marketed to female and males and family packs and they are very samey.

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