8 Best Stair Gates For Babies in 2021

For this post, I have put together a collection of the best stair gates for babies currently available. For all my recommended newborn product guides, with top picks, see my list of baby essentials.

Our Top Pick

My top pick is the BabyDan Guard Me Auto Retractable Safety Guard as it has an innovative retractable design, so when it’s not in use you can barely notice it’s there. It is one of the higher priced stair gates, but it looks great and is suitable for stairs, hallways and corridors.

Best Stair Gates
Best Stair Gates

A stair gate (baby gate) is an essential item for when your little one becomes mobile. From keeping them out of certain rooms to stopping them from climbing the stairs a stair gate will prevent your baby from getting to all those places you don’t want them to go and keep them safely in sight.

We’ve put together our top 8 picks of the best stair gates, most of which have excellent customer reviews with a majority of 4-5 star ratings.

Mums-to-be or new parents will also find our guide to the Top 100 Baby Products super useful.

So here is my list of the the best stair gates.

Best Stair Gates For Babies

Lindam Sure Shut Axis Safety Gate

  • Assembled and ready to install, no drilling required.
  • The clever pressure indicator provides you with visual assurance that the gate is installed correctly.
  • With a double lock, even the most adventurous and inquisitive little one will not be able to open the gate.
  • Also features second lock at the base of the gate.
  • Adjusts to fit openings from 76 cm to 82 cm, can be extended up to 117 cm with separately available extensions.
  • We do not recommend using it at the top of your staircase as it has the base bar which could be a trip hazard and not screwed into wall.
  • Parents love this stair gate – 92% of 9,492 buyers gave it 4-5 stars..

Dreambaby Denver 3 Panel Safety Adapta-Gate Black

  • Three-panelled hardware mounted gate, perfect for awkward spaces around the home and ideal to create a landing space at the top and bottom of stairs.
  • Arrange the panels to suit odd openings, angles, landings, and more.
  • The panels can be arranged to create an extra-long gate, or as a protective guard around a room or door.
  • Great for providing a landing at the top of the stairs when a traditional gate is not suitable.
  • Fits openings of 88.5 cm up to 2 m and is 74 cm tall.
  • Parents love this stair gate – 89% of 1,006 buyers gave it 4-5 stars..

Hauck Safety Gate for Doors and Stairs

  • Assembly is quick and easy.
  • Pressure fit metal gate is clamped between walls or in door frames with fixing screws.
  • The double safety lock prevents children from opening the gate.
  • With hauck extensions of 9 cm or 21 cm, the gate can be extended up to 110 cm.
  • This metal safety gate for kids is suitable for openings with a width from 84 cm to 89 cm.
  • Parents absolutely love this stair gate – 86% of 4,703 buyers gave it 4-5 stars..

BabyDan Multidan Extending Metal Safety Gate

  • Extending safety gate which can be used in a variety of doorways and spaces.
  • Fits openings of between 62.5 and 106.8cm and can be opened using one hand.
  • The gate features adult operated quick release fittings for when the gate is not in use, it can be quickly removed.
  • The gate will open in either direction but does also feature optional “Stop Pins” allowing the gate to only open in one direction i.e for use at the top of stairs.
  • Parents love this stair gate – 88% of 4,247 buyers gave it 4-5 stars..

BabyDan Guard Me Auto Retractable Safety Guard

  • Premium gate which is near to invisible when not in use, and therefore ideal for modern homes.
  • Simply pull out gate and press down the handle side button.
  • Folds back automatically.
  • Ideal for tight spaces.
  • Super flexible – mountable inside and outside of door frames and at the top or bottom of stairs.
  • Easy to install.
  • Parents love this stair gate – 92% of 3,952 buyers gave it 4-5 stars..

Dreambaby® Retractable Gate

  • Retractable Indoor/Outdoor gate.
  • This clever hardware mounted gate includes two sets of fittings allowing you to easily move it from one area to another.
  • The Clip On/Clip Off system makes the gate easy to remove and reposition.
  • Since the entire gate retracts when open, there are no bottom bases or bars to get in your way,
  • Designed with high quality, UV protected mesh the gate keeps its colour in the sunshine.
  • Parents love this stair gate – 74% of 1,270 buyers gave it 4-5 stars..

Safety 1st Pressure Fit Safety Gate (Argos)

Safety 1st Pressure Fit Safety Gate
  • Pressure fit gate.
  • Suitable to be used at doorways and staircases and fits openings from 73 to 80 cm.
  • By installing additional extensions (sold separately) to sides of the gate it can be extended to cover a maximum width of 136 cm.
  • Thanks to its four-point pressure system, this gate is easy to install and creates pressure to hold the gate in place without being drilled into the wall.
  • 2 way opening.
  • Double locking.
  • Excellent customer reviews with average 4.6/5 star ratings.

Babydan Elin Flexible Wooden Safety Gate (JoJo Maman Bebe)

  • Wooden safety gate.
  • With ultra flexible system which will fit almost any staircase or doorway opening.
  • Easy-to-use safety gate can be opened and closed by adults with just one hand, so you can carry your child through without having to put them down.
  • The gate opens with the bottom bar attached, meaning there’s no need to worry about tripping as you step through.
  • Easy wall fix installation with all fixings included.
  • Can be fitted inside openings, to the outside of the wall or diagonally.

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Why should you use a stair gate?

A stair gate is ideal creating a safe place for your baby or toddler by closing off access to rooms or stairs that are unsafe. They can also be a good way from separating babies from any pets or keeping them in one room so you can keep an eye on them.

What to consider when buying a stair gate?


You want a gate which will fit your doorway or hallway, so make sure you check dimensions before you buy.

If you will be using the stair gate for different rooms you should consider a pressure mounted gate as they are adjustable.


The height of your stair gate should be as tall as your child or just under so there is no way of them climbing over it.


If you want to move your stair gate from room to room it’s recommended you buy a pressure mounted gate as they are easy to install and simple to move around the house when needed.

Do I need a Hardware Mounted Stair Gate?

Yes, if you are planning on using it for the top of the stairs. This should be the only option you use for the top of the staircase as it needs to be screwed into the wall for extra security.

I hope this list of the best stair gates for babies was helpful.

If you think I left any out that should be included or have a suggestion for a future article, let me know in the comments below.


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